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PRO FORTNITE PLAYER?! // 1,123 WINS // 22,000+ FRAGS (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite gameplay live with Typical Gamer!

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425 thoughts on “PRO FORTNITE PLAYER?! // 1,123 WINS // 22,000+ FRAGS (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. I did a like and I subscribed

  2. The how are you doing

  3. I love your vids pls shout me out

    1. Fxhfx Gjcgjfgu no you nobody

  4. Hey TG can you add me as king screws on GTA online PS4

  5. Can u shout me out please I never got to

    1. Fxhfx Gjcgjfgu no get lost loner

    2. Fxhfx Gjcgjfgu just stop commenting on his videos your getting hated

  6. Do u still play gta 5

  7. Dammmmmmnnnnnn nice

  8. U ar problem better than ninja and myth

  9. U skipped a scar

  10. I subscribed and tired on the bell

    1. saveg gang same

    2. Fxhfx Gjcgjfgu that's good hope u enjoy his channel

    3. How do you *et so good in fortnite

  11. Hi Typical Gamer your awesome i enjoy your live streams watching all the way From South Africa

  12. Tg is dope and he has success with his career. He's legit the best fnite player

  13. HeyTG it's my birthday can I get a shot out

  14. Hi tg I just got out of the hospital because I broke my arm by rolling over my go cart

  15. You always do streams

  16. Dude u hit so many headshots ur almost as good as me with a hunting rifle

  17. You are so daring to do solo squads

  18. If people hate you don’t respond just be yourself and be handsome and that self they are just jealous

  19. I will Subscribe if you jug a water bottle

  20. How many solo wins do you have

  21. Please go sub to my channel

  22. The worst is blood bath

  23. I just started to watch u but I live your vids

  24. You should Cover loot lake in Play ground

  25. TG I literally grabed my popcorn and a huge juice relaxing watching your playing ..

    1. And a cold beer on the side!

    2. I was just in bed secretly watching it🤯🍻

  26. I love your videos they make my day

  27. Please shout me out luv ur vidz

  28. Their was a purple bolt

  29. i just subscribes

  30. Hi sorry I was late

  31. I just threw it up on to my big screen and relaxed and fell asleep cause it's just so long

  32. You are the best/ Fortnite player ever 🤞🏾🔥


    1. triggered 12 year old.

    2. You don't know what it means cuz your a noooob

    3. Kid Fury you're just a noob

    4. Vang Family legit about to comment this😂

  34. Why sose this start halfway through

  35. Top 100# in the comments

  36. TG I hope you get some wins and you are a really good player 🤓

  37. Dude wats with the beginning it starts an hour in

    1. Ahmad Abdulhafiz i think its youtube trying to cut off streams to 4 hours ish. The stream for me started at the beginning though so…

  38. TG can you please do a GTA five real life mod

    1. BRANDON GOODWIN no kid get lost kill yourself

  39. Where do you see what YouTube channel it’s called the fastest man alive

  40. Typical Fortnite. Drops a dope skin
    but it's female only. Smh lmao Only fags and weirdos actually LIKE playing as girls lol

  41. What time is it there

  42. your will be better than ninja man you just need some practice

    1. Ninja not even on TG level

    2. Charisse Buluran yea

    3. natsu dragneel fortnight will never fie maybe in you're dreams

    4. Brother PABLO true but the only reason Ninja isn't on THE LIST level is cuz Ninja's better than TG but I still like both players

  43. You rocket ride yourself and then you shut the dude with the skar and then you want to match

  44. Been with you since 3 mil when gta 5 first came out. You drew me in with the tsunami mod. Glad to see how successful you’ve been. Love all your streams keep it up man. Also you were a god say bo3

  45. Watched you for 2 years your streams give me joy

  46. Kid fury you don’t know anything you are really a kid

  47. Tg fortnite is now boring please play somthing else

  48. Been watching your vid s sence advance warfare

  49. Tg can u stream the dinosaur game again

  50. hi this is so cool

  51. How do I become a sponser

    1. gaming with Ryan go to YouTube gaming and search the and press sponsor

  52. Jurassic should be Main Stream

  53. Pray for CJ so cool he lost something very valuable today and everybody loved it

  54. Bewitching is alow better than u

  55. Itred Fusion better than u

  56. Can you do more save the world

  57. The three headshots you hit with the sniper on the bounce pad was insane

  58. Tomorrow stream had when win impossible fight

  59. Can u do something else then fortfuck

  60. Can I play met u

  61. Tg play battleground. I just got it today and I'm level 10 on battleground

  62. I grabed chips and a soda and watched you demolish those people

  63. There is no good moments because every second of your Vidz are ledgendary

  64. One of the best fortnite player ive seen

  65. Does anyone know when the stream snipe happens

  66. I love your video and I watched

  67. Please tell me no one forgot about jeffjeff in one of tg’s latest streams

  68. Anyone else really sad about old Fortnite?

  69. Please shout me out

  70. Sea of thieves&Sea of thieves&Sea of thieves please TG I really love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  71. Solo squads r more exciting

  72. Wait… pro player?!?!

  73. My thing starts only at one hour and eighteen mins. ?????

  74. Put them to sweep 😂😂

  75. Does anyone know the specs of TG's pc haha
    Anyone who will answer . I'll truly appreciate it .

  76. I hate fortnite cause i suck

    1. Wildpush haha you noob💩

  77. Hi typical gamer I wish that I can be like you on fornite

  78. Hey tg your good at fortnite i enjoy watching u bc i can learn and and get better bc im new to the game also can u play some gta as well?😁

  79. you are the most savige fornite player ever

  80. I thought Frags was TBNRFrags

  81. How does tg get 9,000 viewers when he has 7 mil subs but nick eh 30 gets over 45,000 viewers but has only 2 mil subs???



    1. typs rock then don't watch simple as that you kid

  84. It starts at a hour

  85. Sorry I missed but check where tomato guys head was it looks like the crack in da sky

  86. My favourit is RIP BLOODBATH

  87. You are the best youtuber I have ever watched. Do you know jacksepticeye

  88. they were all stream sniping

  89. TG can you do the Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars DLC

  90. If u be my friend on fortnite, I will donate 100 dollars to your channel… my name is dgrease

  91. My highest kill streak is 34

  92. I love C4 it's overpowered now

  93. Maybe a little win-counter somewhere on the screen? New counts every stream? Would be cool

  94. Do more house flipper!!!!!

  95. I did not get to watch the live sream

  96. Tg is a pro I'm a nob cud ice only played like twice and got two kills but I'm practicing

  97. Typical gamer:what harm can I do with one shield potion.

    Get shield potion

    Kills all players in tilted towers😂😭😂

  98. Theme is ancient time

  99. I want The Forest series! REEEEEEEE

  100. Nowadays tg doesn't play any game that does not start with Fort and does not end in Nite

  101. Tg and samara r on a Xbox commercial

  102. “ sometimes you gotta be slow to go fast “ Typical Gamer 2018

  103. Dear TG plz do mo e house flipper your really good at it

  104. I never thought I'd see tg like the silenced smg. It is op now though

  105. Please play more ark there is a new dlc coming out and can you play with the annunaki genesis mod it has i rex and a lot of others please and then mess around using tek and stuff type in gcm

  106. Please play State of decay 2 and Jurassic world evolution

  107. How about another Purge but stay in the vehicle armour it up and you can put guns on it or shoot out the window and see if you can survive the whole Purge that way I think that kind of Purge would be fantastic it would be like a Death Race Purge 😄.

  108. Typical gamer play call of duty infinite warfare

  109. TG please make on mine craft plz plz plz plz plz plz plz do plz

    1. Nandini Pathak Minecraft is lame and for kids like you

  110. You have to move slow to go fast sometimes-typical gamer 2018

  111. Of course you can beat other pros, remember that you killed Ninja once

  112. Tg love your videos!!!! Can you do more Jurassic world?

  113. Can you play ark😊😊😊

  114. Tg im your biggest fan

    1. Raechel Swanigan good for you kiddo

  115. I just seen you and your Girlfriend eBay Commercial 🤟🏾🎊

  116. Your Sayin' "Frags", Now Too. Damn No Originality

  117. Comment if u have this

  118. When are you going to do jurassic park

  119. Have you ever played ark

  120. It's Hannah baker here. Live and in action. That's what she said in 13 reasons why

  121. Hey Typical g I just want to say I love you more than I wish I had Wolverine's healing abilities and god damn it I love pizza 😥😥😥😤😤😤 ahhh anyway keep up the good work

  122. Oblivion looks like the Batgirl for Omega.

  123. Congrats on the eBay Commercial

  124. TG the best Fortnite player low key

  125. Use a hunting rifle to do trickshots

  126. "sometimes you gotta be slow to go fast" – Typical Gamer 2018

  127. Tg you are a super pro in fortnite you are my favorite youtuber

  128. Love u tg u rock I have watch ur vids for 2 or three years And im,10 lol u
    Are deh best brooooooo


  130. i just saw an ebay commercial and typical gamer and his girlfriend on tv!!!!!

  131. He says ill play solo squads and win i solo xD

  132. Senpai noticed me I was on a different acct and I was the one with the hamster that is strangely related to me happiness is coming over me in such large quantities . Thanks TG

  133. Played 5 hours and still not at level 100😂😂😂

  134. Please make the graphics higher

  135. Why didn’t you get the guiding score open that little power

  136. Why didn’t you get the scar in that tower

  137. i watch all of ur live streams every day of my life ur cool

  138. I hope save the world is free

  139. You missed a scar in the tower

  140. Omg it's not but u can get it for free when the full game comes out

  141. Nice commercial with samara

  142. There was a scar in the tower

  143. When is real life mod coming back

  144. You should make a funny moments vid and post this because the things that you did in this live stream was funny as hell!!

  145. I was watching this last night I fell asleep.

  146. can i have a shout out sinse i watched you sinse 1000 subs

  147. Sup TG yo someone said that he hate your vids but that a int true the really good

  148. Bruh why u do that defaulty boi like that in lucky landing 😂

  149. Thanks for always cheering up TG , you the man

  150. U missed a scar first match

  151. Bro what happened to the like spikes

  152. I liked your old videos I’m about to unsubscribe

  153. TG you were a awesome youtuber but then you take away gta 5 mods and like spike and now its fortnite evry single day for 11 hours straight ahhhh why

  154. This skin is DUMB THICC

  155. The Oblivion skin is more hideous than that stupid red haired default skin girl.

  156. please play some of 'The Forest'

  157. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up

  158. TG theres a new hulk mod on gta and no one has reviewed it fully id rather watch u play the mod!

  159. I just saw you and samara on an Ebay commercial

  160. Tg do more of human flat fall and do tomb raider the winter one

  161. Make a new gta v purge mod video for the new movie

  162. You miss a sckar it was in sniper tower in

  163. U got TG you can get to 100

  164. Tg I sat down with a chug jug and a durrr burger to watch your vid I do it every time

  165. U eliminated musa in ur first game🤓🤓😢😢😭😭😎😎😎🤣🤣😂😂😂😗😙🤡🤡😱😱

  166. Goat🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  167. play jurassic world revolution

  168. Ark is back yaaaasssss

  169. you were in a comercial

  170. U should do gta mods again

  171. Play Minecraft and the forest


  173. He missed the scar on the first game in the salty tower

  174. Tg you are best gamer

  175. Thanks you for your games

  176. You are the best player ever

  177. I love your eBay camercial I was so surprised to see you and samara

  178. can someone please tell me what happened to the forest

  179. OMG!!!! I’m in Chicago on vacation, and I just saw a eBay commercial and tg and Samara were in it. It just made my day.

  180. Just saw your eBay AD with Samara congrats TG !!!

  181. Every squad TG does is so funny i love it

  182. H>iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  183. I just saw the commercial with you and samara on tv

    It was pretty neat

  184. I found your eBay ad when I was watching a movie TG

  185. TG I have seen ur commercial for x box one s or x. 😎

  186. more state of decay

  187. Where's the GTA Andrea PLEASE do GTA or the crew 2 or something PLEAEPLEASEPLEASE

  188. TG do the new nightclub DLC for GTA V

  189. you should do a Aquaman mod on gta 5

  190. TG if you want you should try fortnite on the switch

  191. TG I am so angry at you do the forest pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz 🙁😲

  192. When the clown comes for dead by daylight do a livestream I love those videos

  193. When are you going to play shadow wars

  194. Congrats on that eBay commercial u did

  195. I saw your commercial 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  196. Jurassic World Jurassic World

  197. Jurassic world Jurassic world

  198. sup tg do you mind playing monster hunter world,even though have play it,but i till want to experence it with you,i alway have fun watching you playing game

  199. Do a live stream on gta v

  200. Could u do forest and u are my first known utuber and fav utuber ur content is great and love the merch

  201. when did you make a commercial it was funny yo

  202. dude your better than ninja at fortnite

  203. TG if you have time and not to busy can you do More AC Orgins and GTAV mod and online and sea of thieves
    thank you for being such a great youtuber you are EPIC

  204. I watch all your gta mod vids

  205. Please make a into for all ur videos….please

  206. TG I beg you to bring back the Ark serious please just like how Samara begs you to get a kitty. Nah but all jokes aside I beg you to bring back Ark plz 🙏🙏🙏

  207. i love all your videos

  208. TG ur streams/ videos are so good especially after along day In the heat

  209. Just saw samaras and tg commercial on tv

  210. I just got home and I got to see the cameracal you and samara where on it

  211. Why don't you play Friday the 13th

  212. Have u give up on Friday the 13th


  214. Has any one else seen his new eBay commercial with samara

  215. Jurassic world evolution

  216. These ads are ridiculous

  217. Tg i really like your vid so much I be like 👍 your vid


  218. Haha tg is the best

  219. play friday the 13

  220. If you play on mobile never grab the thermal scoped ar doesn’t work

  221. OMG I just saw yourss and Samara's comercial on tv aaaaaahhh! You guys look great.

  222. When you going live?

  223. Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast

  224. Pls play state of decay 2

  225. i seen y'alls commercial

  226. # bring gta 5 mods back

  227. stream more state of decay 2

  228. when will you stream f13 and dbd agin

  229. Im goin pump sjotgun (5 minutes later) gets a heavy shotgun* "I give it 4 Jeffreys out of 10


  231. What happend to house flipper ☹️

  232. You and sammara where on a comarcial

  233. Ayyyy I just seen you on a TV commercial

  234. TG did you know that the new islands going to be Egyptian and desert e

  235. More Friday the 13th


  237. Never mind you are better than ninja if you practice

  238. Can you play 2k 18 again because I really did love it try to get to leave 99 please 😀😀

  239. You're going to time travel and being old days

  240. I like the oblivion skin I have the skin 👌😎

  241. Tg you are the best yotuber in history

  242. I love your YouTube videos they a fire

  243. When does maki kill tg

  244. Damn tg! Fortnite is killing u

  245. I think it will be a new map because I think that the crack in the sky is a time portal that being said I think its bye-bye tilted

  246. Love the fortnite steams but where are the pubg vids at lol

  247. U ran past a scar tg

  248. play dying light 2 in 2019

  249. So thicc on a scale of 0 to Elastagirl how thicc is this suit.

  250. Can u send me the brite gunner i have been wanting it every since it came out ill personally buy some merch and send u a pic with me with it on

  251. Yo your the best at fortnite keep it up

  252. I like your fornite player nice be careful

  253. Only thing I do is eat cereal while watching ur vids

  254. Jurassic world theme park!!

  255. Pls do more of the batman ep 5

  256. Typical I just joined

  257. You make great videos

  258. You got to go slow to go fast : typical gamer 2018

  259. u missed minnys on the way


  261. I saw your commercial for ebay tg

  262. he passed a scar on the first game

  263. I love seeing you play but the only problem is that their toooooooooooo long so just try to make it be an hour or so

  264. U should play more squads

  265. Hi tg kan I get a xdox 1 get one

  266. you were a pro looooooooooong time ago

  267. Get your popcorn ready boys

    A true fan will watch a 3hr,4hr,5hr, and a 6hr stream

    Not a true fan will watch a 2hr and a 1hr

  268. Sometimes you have to be slow to go fast-typical gamer 2018

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