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Fortnite YouTuber Tournament for $20,000! (BEST DUO EVER?!)

New Fortnite YouTuber Tournament gameplay live with Typical Gamer!

Tournament brackets and standings:

Thief’s channel:

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290 thoughts on “Fortnite YouTuber Tournament for $20,000! (BEST DUO EVER?!)

  1. Yo tg you are my favourite youtuber I have been watching you since 4 million subscribers keep up the the amazing streams

    1. Ana López jal I have been since 3

    2. U remember miku's celebration 😅

    3. I have been watching since 1

  2. TG how are you doing

  3. Hi tg how are you I am your biggest fan because you are a really nice guy and you don't curce like most YouTubers and by the way I have been watching you since 2014

  4. Tg I love your shows

  5. hi I vole your viteos can you shat me out

  6. Can someone please give TG some water… Because he is on fire.

    1. Sub gor sub i subscribing to your channel right now

  7. Yo tg I love your vids when are you going to play GTA 6 and I love when you do mods I sent you 500$ in super chat keep up the good work dude

    1. AJGAMING💎😎💎 it came out??!!!!

    2. AJGAMING💎😎💎 I need some of that money lol

  8. hi tg I vole your viteos can you sha me tou

  9. I like how you play from jr

  10. TG you're on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. And I am un subscribing and all my 50 friends that watch you to unsubscribe to

    1. If you play gta I will super chat yo 1000

  12. hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. If you play gta I will give you in a super chat 1000$

    1. ADA Rodriguez you can't idiot

    2. James Murray ikr 😂

    3. ADA Rodriguez I play gta… can I get the $1000? Not a big youtuber but I’m good

  14. shout me out
    tg pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. I gust want one more gta video I remember the zombies mod and real life mod I am living the country and it is my birthday and I bust want one more gta video

    1. ADA Rodriguez its just not gust or bust lol

    2. its almost like we have the same life im leaving the cocunntry and todays my birthday

    3. Ashley Igbokwe except he wrote that 2 days ago and you wrote this 1 day ago

  16. Your the best tg

    1. Tg the most tanled forinte player ever if you play gta with hike again you will be the detective in forinte

  17. You guys were awesome. GG
    Like If U agree

  18. Thank you for the awesome vides

  19. You should give away a ps4 with the game dying light

  20. Ayer dude tg league oh i subbed and liked

  21. Tg can I get a shoutout

  22. Will u tweet me @Kollin25055009

  23. Tg is the best and i been watching since 3 million subs

  24. Remember like spike

  25. ssssaaaaalllllllltttttttyyyyyyyy

  26. Tg is the best YouTuber like if you agree

    1. Talon war haha nobody like it because fornite is dead

  27. gg. You guys did awesome!! go get em next week

    1. Hi Metallica Can you say my name plz it is diego I am big big fan off you

    2. Metallica 4 Life salty dooggggsssd

  28. I think tg needs a fire hose get him some water he is burning those fortnight SKILLS

    1. Ruth Parsons u saw some one else do it and u copied the comment becuase he got a heart from tg am i right

    2. rem -: 😂😂😂

  29. Ummm why can't I watch the full video anymore

    1. Mel G You can watch it full now

  30. Tg on fire🌋🌋🌋

  31. Stop putting ur place number in the title i want it to be a surprise

    1. I cant know what it is because Youtube cuts out half the video. It only gave me 30 minutes of footage this time. 3hours30min to 4hours

    2. ryanbro guy That's because it's still rendering all the way since this was over 7 hours

  32. Was just a crazy stream, And 3rd is not bad not bad at all, Keep it up you have been killing it.


  34. mann u make money just for having fun like wtf life is so not fair. I work 8 hours only make 80$ if i am lucky

  35. GG 3rd place not bad at all after all that happened today you and Thiefs were killing it. Can't wait to see you guys next week!

  36. Wow 45 on trending. Congrats. Oh and a watched the whole stream, all 7 and a half hours of it.

  37. Hiw the default legendary

  38. TG l not able to watch the full stream can you fix it

  39. Is it me or does it really lagg at hour 6

    Edit: Great stream

  40. fantastic job typical gamer (salty dog)

  41. 4 hours of fortnite woww

    1. Airkiller 92 me to

  42. Tg play Conan or rust

  43. I want to watch the full live stream but YouTube decided to show me playground part

  44. Bet You Typical Gamer Won’t Pin This Comment

    1. Doge Awesomeness bet

  45. I really really love what tg does and he has inspired me to create a YouTube channel and I could really use some support and some advice

  46. Can you come to my house Maryland I know it’s across the world for you and me I have fortnight on Xbox 🤟🏻

  47. Can you live stream again today please

  48. You should do a GTA 5 dirt bike or ATV video

  49. Borinnnnggggggg

  50. Yay first 200 comment

  51. you look like Jesse Eisenberg from the movie now you see me

  52. Play Friday the 13th again pls

  53. The picture that TG put of thiefs

  54. The RNG was not on Andre and Thief's is side when they went against Myth and Hamlinz

    1. BloodCrusher 13 has o

  55. I love your channel man

  56. TG sheeped the people. He should have got that first place tho. GG bro!

  57. Heyy check my fortnite montage tsm myth its pretty cool and lit

  58. I will troll everyone

    Read more

  59. Tg I have pubg let's play

  60. A typical gamer would get 3rd

  61. Can you give me some lessons please love you typical gamer 😋😎🤘🏾😇

  62. Tg your the bomb go get next week

  63. TG your videos keeps starting at a random point for me….

  64. TG there is a glitch your video started from the middle. it won't let me watch from the beggining

    1. arnplays Its not a glitch YT is still rendering the video since its over 7 hours you should be able to watch the whole thing sometime today

  65. I kinda getting bored of you playing fornie most of the time play random games play friday the 13th with samara the forest with samara like play different games plzzzz cause you always play fornite and some may not like it when you play a game to much so yeah play diffrent games

    1. Ram Rodriguez I get that you said do typical gamer wants to do on your last comment but the 2 suggestions looks like you want HIM to play those games

    2. Ram Rodriguez I don't want to sound mean but you didn't spelt different right

  66. Like am getting bored of it am not telling you oh don't play fornite ever again but just play it in certain times not everyday or something ok like play games that people will like ok and am not telling you what to do and not to do that's just my opinon and yeah your the best youtuber ever and oh and also ark i heard there giving another like world to play in its like about robot dinos i guess idk so yeah your the best and your girlfriend is the best so yeah love you guys and i hope you guys have a very good day/night so yeah bye😊😊

  67. Typical gamer how come Hike does not play Fortnite? please answer me I wont to know

  68. We get it fort nite is what being is views. But TG, lets go back to the originality you had. Don’t be a follower of what’s hip and boring. Nearly 3/5 of all your videos are fortnite now. GTA is like 1 per month. Ark is gone. Some of these games and series last a few weeks and gone and fortnite just keeps literally being the same thing over and over on every channel. Please man, get back to the cool stuff on other games, get off the bandwagon and be The OG TG. Not this new TG that is much like every other youtuber nowadays.

  69. Why tf has it been 2 weeks since the last house flipper episode😡

    1. Big Thooka trying to make more money off forfuck vids

    2. Terry Garcia frfr im tried of seeing fortnite videos. Thats all gamers play now.

    3. Big Thooka me to I hate now

    4. Big Thooka than watch sum1 else


  71. Please do Slenderman mod again! Please?

  72. Maybe nick eh is not as good as we thought😂😂😂😂

  73. No its ok i just llooked at it and i did spelled it wrong 😂😂so yeah i love typical gamer like he is the best right and also his girlfriend right

  74. Likw i know am saying oh i want you to play this oh play that but i bet some people get bored of him playing the same game all over again but yeah am sorry andre to sound it like mean so yeah

  75. Do you get bored tell me

    1. Ram Rodriguez sorry I took it the wrong way

  76. add me on fortnight please my gamer tag is airenorange

  77. Tg you need to do Gta 5 zombie mod part 25 with Trevor's story

  78. Lets say the results in the title so everyone not watching live has no sense of intensness during the video… (just a drop of constructive criticc.)

  79. Any way watching this from the start????

  80. I hate to self promote but it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to my channel. I don’t know what I want to post on it but some ideas are video games, pod casts and story times

  81. It starts from 3hour 33 minutes

  82. TG you should try the thanos mode in gta 5 , like if you want tg to play gta 5 again

  83. i play Fortnite
    i am on lv 100

  84. Merry your girlfriend 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍

  85. hey Tg do future flash vs god speed

  86. amazaing typical famer you are the best

  87. good job tg , i saw the first 6 hours of the livestream live but then i went to sleep cuz it was like 4 am

  88. Typical Gmaer: It's so lagy for me :/ (FPS=280)😂😂

  89. I wish I could get v bucks

  90. tg can you play fortnite with me if yes my username is tkkmep

  91. How much it's for the 3 place

  92. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey tropical gamer I hope u win

  93. tg is the best in the hole world

  94. I am your biggest fan cheap typical TG

  95. Please reply back to me name is karla Williams

  96. TG pls play something else for a while fortnites fine but after a while it starts to get boring ik you enjoy the game and ik a lot of fans like to watch I just thought I'd ask I might get bashed for this I might not

  97. Keep up good fortnite

  98. Nice vid you and their are definitely the best footnote players in the world

  99. TG when are you going to GTA Five zombies mod bro. I have been whating for a YEAR all ready.

  100. I think you will get piills because of sitting straight 7 hours don't do that is not good for you health

  101. When or you dowing scoched earth

  102. Typical gamer is a beast in every game in ps4

  103. Why is it 7 hrs and 33 minutes and 26 seconds

  104. why are they call some people bots??

  105. Can you make another Gta 5 mod

  106. Quick question, why are his videos so long?

    1. Drunk Guy because they’re live streams.

  107. Can u please stop putting your placement in the tittle.

  108. I thought he was going to play a game with dinos soon

  109. Can u come to Kansas City pls dude

  110. Can u come to Kansas City pls dude

  111. You should make a new character in gta 5 online

  112. You got so emotional at the end also nice outro

  113. hi tg can you plz play house flippers I'm not saying you have to but can you plz🙂

  114. hi man you are the best youtuber in the entier world you are the best I have ever seen I have never seen a youtuber in the entier world that is a better youtuber than you you are the best youtuber in the enier world you are the best you are the best youtuber in the entier world is that ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best ever you are the best youtuber in the entier world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye man!!!!!!!!!!! bye!

  115. Look at dose ads 😂

  116. Not exactly a flattering pic of Thief in the thumbnail

  117. g to the fricking g man. At least u made it into the top 3. I don't care about other positions if u didn't achieve them. at least u have won once and still get close to it again. Make this fire stay on you and win the tournament for us next week!!!!. lol BTW I didn't meant real fire

  118. Somebody call the fire department because TG is on FIRE!!!

    1. Patsy Renew also fornite

  119. got the merch for my god son he loves you hes been watching sense 800k subs

  120. play granny typical gamer

  121. I didn't watch the full video, can anyone tell me who won?

  122. Tg u are on 💎💎💎💎

  123. You should play Hide Or Die. It's a new horror game quite like F13 but different.

  124. When are you going to play more ark

  125. On what sens and DPI do you play on?

  126. Your did not do good at all bro

  127. I did not watch the whole thing but If you won or did not you still the best youtuber

  128. Are you related to monster d face

  129. who remembers when tg didnt ONLY stream fortnite

  130. yay he is playing with TSM_Myth!!!!

  131. Can you friend me on ps4 my user is cj03233

  132. Thanks play one lefe on hour

  133. Play Friday the 13th

  134. state of decay! pls

  135. U suck and u ulgy my brother said that jk my brother is a very big fn and i am to luv u tycal :3

  136. Bro TG is definitely my dad

  137. This TG is on fireeeeee 🔥🔥🔥

  138. is there any way u could make a vid about tips and tricks for fortnite and can't wait to c u next week

  139. The most intense fortnite friday 18 kill comeback wat the actual fudge 99.9999 percent Tg elite the .1 percent best duo evere

    1. If you're looking at this I mean ever

  140. Tg your my inspiration to play fortnite

  141. I was your 50th subscriber!😂pin me!

  142. hello friends chai pelo

  143. I love how they always think positive that’s why I like watching them

  144. Tg why do you have some many ads man, are you doing it for the money?

  145. No one ever like my comment

  146. The nicest longest gaming video ever

  147. This vid is so cool

  148. This game was to legit to quit ………. watching

  149. Well played Salty Dogs.

  150. Typical be catfishin these hoes in his thumbnails 🤣

  151. Love you tg and please play more Minecraft

  152. U are a awesome YouTuber I've been watching since 1k subs

  153. Only in pc theres bots lol

  154. Wonderful video! Keep creating high-quality content and you'll increase rapidly! Subscribe to our channel and so we are going to subscribe back!

  155. that come back thooo

  156. I don’t get this game at all.

  157. Just to say something tg and thiefs are and will go ham this friday i just love watching this over and over again and you guys almost won against faze tfue and cloak you guys are animals 😍😍

  158. Wildcat and marksman did way better for a reason

  159. U a so good on PS4 and 2k17 and Fortnite same go to your lovely. Girlfriend . Your car and your 🐈 are so cute together

  160. that friend request was from me i promise plz friend me back u the best

  161. Dude you and theif are a salty dog calv1n and rich just got roasted they got 19 kills and you and theif still beat them

  162. Yall won because you and theif are a salty dog

  163. Thiefs needs to chill, he held it together until the Svennoss Lolito game then he just loses it

  164. What’d about Axvery

  165. Dude you and theif are salty dog you beat ninja and you guys still died omg best players

  166. Why do you have so many ads

  167. He does YouTube for money

  168. And this was called good

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