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*BRAND NEW* Criterion Skin!! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

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1,001 thoughts on “*BRAND NEW* Criterion Skin!! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

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  3. Ninjas a little bitch sometes when he gets killed he assumes it's a stream sniper but in reality ninjas just got killed fair and square just saying

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    I know hella isn’t a word

  23. Ninja remember when Jess was playing and she was playing with Drlupo she said it was noob Fortnite 1 on 1

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  39. ninja says that all their deaths are by hackers or guys who watch the ninja stream if this is not the best player and there will never be one

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  41. Is your name ninja because you have to hide the fact that you're a queer? Actually, nevermind. You seem quite open to the fact that you are gay trash that only sucks off of the bottom of the food chain (Aka Fortnite content). You're sad

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    that optcion

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  260. The comment section on Ninja's video is becoming a self promoting platform for irrevelent youtubers and its creating this toxic response from the community that just makes the whole comment section not worth reading anymore. With fame comes leeches that wanna use other peoples success for themselves and its sad to see.

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  263. 8:31 lmfao
    btw delusional kid doesnt realize Drake has supported BATTLE RAP, by showing up to the venue. an underground thing that isnt trendy, purely b/c he loved watching. Drake doesnt do these things showing up for "promotion" or money, he put you on the map.

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  295. PS4
    Wins: 261,
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