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Fortnite *NEW* Legendary Oblivion Skin! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

New Fortnite Battle Royale store update legendary Oblivion skin gameplay live with Typical Gamer!

Description of the new Fortnite Battle Royale mode: “It’s 100 players. One giant map. Put your building and combat skills to the test. The last commander standing wins. Hop in and take on your friends!”

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315 thoughts on “Fortnite *NEW* Legendary Oblivion Skin! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. hehe welcome to the comment section

  2. I subcribed on 6 different accounts

    1. Little kids🤦‍♂️

    2. Ebony Barnes are you retarded dead subs don't help

    3. Surotto no just no, thats creepy

  3. You are my favorite YouTuber in the world and sammary

    1. Scott Stauffacher it's Samara but it's all good

  4. It looks like a omega. It’s insane

    1. Because it is omegas wife

    2. singele Pringles KABOOM KABOOM bro what a comment because it made sense

    3. Maybe it's omega wife

    4. Maybe it's his daughter

  5. Noice one TG Got that W


  7. Somebody Give Andre Some Matches For He can be on fire🔥🔥🔥

    1. Super Galaxy i get it

  8. I should do more fh3 videos

    1. KAS Shifflett you are answering your self

    1. FRANCOIS ROSSOUW it's dead to me


  9. Number one they victory royale good job team TG

    1. He likes Fortnite better. Get used to it.

    2. Andrew Rutherford he likes money better, he could care less about what the game was

    3. Surotto why is it hard for u to accept that nobody plays gta anymore evryone got bored of it including him,stop bitching

  10. You are awesome player

  11. Are you gonna play crew 2 again

  12. Anyone on ps4? Add me callmeeforeign

  13. Journalist Are gud😀😀😀😀

  14. Plz give me a heart TG

  15. 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

    1. Lazer Gaming it's not a vid it's a live stream

  16. He doesn't do his I'll intro

  17. Oblivion is thicc 🤤

    1. SnatchBack Filaaay Yes she is! You're a man of hentai culture!

    2. SnatchBack Filaaay u right

    3. SnatchBack Filaaay aren’t all female characters Thick 😅

    4. Edgar Diaz Yes they are! And I mean all of them! My most favorite ones are Oblivion, Criterion, and the Red Knight!

    5. And you a six

  18. Typical can u send me the link of ur mod menu in gta 5

  19. tg your'e a great fortnite player but for the love of god play a different game.

    1. What are you talking about he does🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    2. i know he does been a sub for over 3 years trust me

    3. Kyle O'Conner nah bro fortnite is tha best game at tha moment evrything else sucks

  20. Hi tg can I play with you some day

  21. Where is zombie apocalypse mod?

  22. Tg can you play more gta

  23. Why start in 48

  24. pls play ravenfield it is a random game

  25. It starts from 48 minutes

  26. Do more save the world

  27. For me it started off with 40 minutes why

  28. Your the best fortnite builder

  29. Why does the video start at 48 mins ?

  30. Play with me on ps4

  31. Solo squads or duo squads I like seeing guys get popped open aiite.

  32. Todays my birthday

  33. i think the oblivion skin is the sister of the omega skin

    just saying

  34. That 180 snipe 🔥

  35. He missed a epic thermal scope

  36. Thief is so kind haha
    Go tg !!

  37. Stop playing fortnight and pub g or I will unsubscribe

  38. Make a secount channel for those to games


  40. It starded me at 48 minutes

  41. Comment if your pump does 196 damage 😂

  42. I don't appreciate it that they think you guys cheated at the YouTuber tournament

  43. Stream was lit😎👍🏾

  44. I'm going to friends you on the game

  45. Why it glitch dou

    1. Ethan Roberts its RNG – Random number generator

  46. please shout me out

  47. Its starts at 48 minutes

  48. Play with hike again

  49. I found a way to unlock the Fortnite Raven skin without having to buy it. I posted the way to do it to my chanel

    1. Earn Bitcoin get out of here I’ve seen u self promoting on many different channels please stop being greedy 4 subs

    2. Earn Bitcoin stfu


    4. KRISTOPHER REINISCH same and this isnt the first time he has posted this on TGs channel

  50. i am your biggest fan and you light my day

  51. U and thiefs are the best duo squads and duo in general

  52. Default skin does affect how people play. Yesterday I decided to play as default skin anda red knight thought i was a noob, tried to no scope me but I killed her before she could finally take out her pump. I like being default skin because it does make people rush me so I can practice my build battles.

  53. Hey there can I git a shot out from Cameron Velez

  54. I don’t like normal solos

  55. Is he playing the nerd out tournament

  56. Why you gotta stream so early
    I missed it because of that

  57. If ninjas top kill game is 40 TGs is 30 and Ali As is 21

    1. Ali a claims to be the best

  58. when is your next stream

  59. Bet tg wont pin this

  60. Can you make a Jurassic world

  61. when I started the vid it started a 48 min lol

  62. What happened with hike the gamer tg

  63. I invited you as friend and want to play with you you are the best if read this coment

  64. It starts from 48 minutes

    1. Vince Alfred Astorga I know u have to wait

  65. Love duo and solo squads

  66. You have to be the first of its new kind to be able and am I have

  67. typical gamer how much are they they look like omega

  68. I missed the live cause I was sleeping

  69. I was hype when u got that 21 kill solo squad but was pissed when you died 😂

  70. Typical , i have been watching you for a couple years and what happend to the old content, that stuff was amazing like gta 5 online and mods other games. What I'm trying to say is GET off a fortnite. the uploads are getting old. Some wins some losses new game mode I'm not saying you have to change your uploads but you have changed.

  71. This skin looks awesome!!

  72. Thieves sounds like HikeTheGamer… I like it reminds me of the R rated TG. Or just the good ol times with The Stream Team!

  73. On the 18 19 or 20 of July I'm getting a Xbox one then maybe you can play fortnite with me

  74. No intro to the video today

  75. Hey tg love your videos keep up the good work u and samara are the only people I watch thanks TG

  76. What if u did a challenge where u play fortnite but on console???

  77. More ark please man and shout out to you and Samara

  78. Bro can you stop playing fortnite for a little bit or a while because you haven't been playing like other games and stuff like it's always fortnite like if you agree you just stop playing fortnite for a little while just a little

  79. TG killed ninja before

    1. DvonnTastic yeah it was during the last fortnite tournament

  80. No more house flipper.. okay than

  81. I’m not fully leveled up to fully upgrade omega so ima buy oblivion

  82. I’ve never seen anyone better at fortnite! You really know how to land those shots

  83. I play fortnite also and I want to share a story.

  84. It was my second game and my teammate was down I went around the corner and killed BOTH of them 😀 it was shocking I didn’t know what I was doing!

  85. Also I went around the corner of the blue house

  86. Instead of kill use the word eliminate

  87. Omega is black manta

  88. Hi tg your my favourite YouTube and I watch all your fourtnite videos

  89. The terminus glider reminds me of a ship from tron legacy

  90. The terminus glider reminds me of a ship from tron legacy

  91. There's A Secret Battle Star In Dusty Divet On Top Of The Visitor Meteor

  92. Do a ark taming a squid stream

  93. Your channel is getting trash because u spend so much time on fortnite and no other games. Sorry TG it's the truth.

  94. u did put that jump pad do ur video in slowmo it even shows that

  95. it is the omega but just girl version

  96. you are my favourite gamer

  97. I've been waching u sins the GTA rampage days

  98. u know.. i liked the gta 5 days im a pretty long sub like 2-3 year long sub and i like the fortnite and all.. but i miss the gta mods i hope u see this (also sorry for my bad english) [edit i was a long sub.. not anymore :/]

    1. Chinoek Leon he diesnt like it anymore

  99. You made me love that emote now

  100. 😂😂😂😂😂👍

  101. Salty springs suck

  102. Oblivion thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal

  103. You didnt finish looting salty the blue house downstairs

  104. Your live thing ,you did want me in it,so I might have no choice to subscribe.

  105. I realy like that skin

  106. Love you tg and please play more Minecraft

  107. Criterion had a affair with omega and created oblivion

  108. The glider looks like intrepid and deep space lander merged

  109. CAN you sub no my channle

  110. Awesome😀😀😀😎😎😋

  111. TG can play fortnite with me

  112. Hello, Humans. My name is Terrance. I laugh when I cough up blood. Smile at death and wave to the Angel of Death. The light never reaches me, as I move into the unknown. A special cloak forms around my body and I can see every human death in history. When the cloak leaves my body, I fall into the flames of the fire. Such a fire, prepares me for an afterlife of suffering.


  113. How many parashutes do you have all together

  114. And he's not gonna respond and the only video he's going to post is fortnite. Nice Tg.

  115. Hehe. Hehe. help me

  116. sometimes i feel like subscribing 40000000000000000000 times but youtube can't do that

  117. Thanks for liking my comment😀😀😀😎😎😇

  118. Thanks for liking my comment😀😀😀😎😎😇

  119. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch my videos

  120. You should play an MMORPG game just for the fun of it…

  121. Play more jarrasic world revouloution


  123. Red dead redemption 2 is out @typical gamer

  124. TG you should team or go fight ninja you both are gods on fortnite Lol 💯

  125. I am going to McDonald's what do you guys want

  126. I love your vids this is my first comment ever i have been watching for years I love the fortnite vids I hope I will meet you in real life I know every youtuber but your my favorite

  127. Why is the face cam black and white

  128. I’m cryin TG😂😂😂

  129. you should do sniper only your pretty good with it

  130. Tg and theifs are racist

  131. I was at my pool and there was no internet so I couldn”t watch it live

  132. I love you typical gamer 😘💓

  133. Play some more crew 2

  134. I haven't laughed so hard at a stream in my life. Thief laugh

  135. TG. Please do Hulk vs thanos in GTA 5.

  136. You sir needs to play with Daquan

  137. Play Jurassic world evolution

  138. Can y’all subscribe to my channel

  139. I love typical gamer I wanted that skin but my dad said no

  140. Op with the excuses

  141. Too bad you can't provide us with any other consistent content, than this shitty fortnite. It's like 1% random game and 99% fortnite..

  142. You make better videos a long time ago they suck now sorrry but they do I make better videos than you

  143. Can you pls do pubg zombies?

  144. Ur not decent ur pro at fortnite

  145. If there is a Sin City mod for GTA 5 please play it.

  146. My mom said I should watch you instead of Avxry and Vickstar

  147. Again, always sahing he womt use the pump, but always using the pump. Why u lying to your audience?

  148. @Surotto it didn’t show me your full message but I’m not a little kid and if u don’t care to watch his videos why u here

  149. Yoo TG im Starting to get Bored from fornite u keep playing it 24/7 im starting to get mad of fortnite

  150. You should take more purple and orange guns aka legendery rare

  151. But rare orange is better than all

  152. And build a base

  153. I am in mexico and i can not play fortnite i am sad

  154. Hey th you are my favorite YT so is semera

  155. Mhmhmmhmhmhmh. I hate the pump, every ficking round he's running doubble pump, lyikg directly up in our faces 👏👏

  156. You bounced yourself out I put in playback speed to 0.25 you only had one bounce pad

  157. The forest please


  159. keep practising/ practicing

  160. He's loves ad=money

  161. state of dacay 2 please tg I really wanted to watch state of decay 2

  162. I am literally waiting for you to play state of decay 2 who feels me anyone

  163. Nice vid bro keep it up

  164. Yo what do you think of season 4

  165. I’m in 2015 anyone else

  166. Sub to me I'm a upcoming best pro player

  167. Oblivion looks like a Black Panther rip off XD

  168. Yo the best 😆😄

  169. why so many adds like geez

  170. He is missing more than 5 skins

  171. Can you accept the friend request I sent you

  172. I love the true heart dance w the oblivion skin

  173. I’m crying cause i can’t get the oblivion skin

  174. yoooooooooooo what upp 2019?

  175. Who searched this up to watch it another time

  176. Nike ta mere avec les pub pd

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