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Fortnite *NEW* Legendary Criterion and Red Knight Skins! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

New Fortnite Battle Royale update gameplay legendary Criterion and Red Knight skins! Fortnite live with Typical Gamer!
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251 thoughts on “Fortnite *NEW* Legendary Criterion and Red Knight Skins! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. What’s your discord?


  3. Love u the u good question where is ark

    1. Senyorty saw it and it’s really cool

    2. vanessa williams mnkvkvjhjvjvj he is going to

  4. hey man I would like a shout out

  5. Can i have a shoutout please tg

    1. the secret gamers sutup😈

  6. When will you show free skins

  7. When’s next house flipper

  8. From the last comment I’m not trash nor not a bad player. The game is just random and yes I am getting better but when I get better and passionate about something I get mad when I die from crap that I can’t control. I can’t control the randoms and can’t deal with the the inconsistency 😒. The game is fun and I like it but that’s my opinion

  9. Is this a tournament

  10. Can I get a shout out

  11. Thanks what time is it where you live

  12. I am 100 level in fort nite

  13. Only if this was the tournament…

    1. I like 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  14. Hey i love seeing ur videos

    1. Senyorty shut up u self promotor don't beg for subs

  15. When are u going to play house fliper

    1. Luis Sanchez you ugly 😂

    2. Jonathannn who asked you for if he’s ugly or not

    3. Why u talking about how another guy looks🤣🧐

  16. How do u have the shield

    1. Senyorty shut up

    2. U get the sbeild when u buy the skin dubm qs

    3. simulator gamer They must have added it back in because earlier when the skin first came out, the shield wasn’t included

    4. If you bought it in season 2 you get the sheild now

    5. He got the shield because he bought it back in season 2

  17. You are a Lieing for not playing state of decay for a long time . I hate your videos

  18. It starts from 1 hour 11 minutes

    1. Yeah it's starts from 1 hour and 11 minutes

    2. JAYDEN ROSARIO NO you’re wrong cuz I make very long streams and it doesn’t mess up SOOOO

    3. Guys will red knight still be in the shop after today?

    4. Anwar Anis it’s cause YouTube is still rendering it

  19. Love you guys how you play well done⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  20. I love your vids this is my first live video by you

  21. I'll easy buy the new skin and red knight axe, already got the skin

  22. Sub my channel plzzz

  23. I think i also want oblivion so i'll buy that one too

  24. Why do you not Play State of decay 2 i Waiting for it every day

    1. Daniel Arvidsson because he is waiting to get sponsor or else he doesn't play

  25. I am a fan 😀

  26. Bro the RED KNIGHT don’t is a new skin but is a old skin

    1. but its a good skin

  27. I actually just hating the vids because of tg's setup. Im sorry

    1. LonelyA Æ you are the only one who liked this

    2. jake pauler ik im sorry xD

  28. I have is teeth

    1. I hate his teeth

  29. Yo haven’t watched your videos in a while used to watch all the gta mods

  30. TG will WIN!!!!!!!!

  31. Why no black bling for red knight

    1. It’s a glitch epic games is going to fix it soon

    2. Neil Randeri oh thanks

  32. TG is the king of duo in Fortnite.

  33. Can you make more save the world pls

  34. I want to see ninja vs Tg

  35. like if you see the difrence

  36. My name's Jeff!!!

  37. Hello, Humans. My name is Terrance. A dog barks at night. The bark gets louder and louder every night. Eventually, the bark travels through space and reaches a distant planet. It seems as though, the planet barked back, or more specifically, a dog on that planet, barked back. At the end of it all, both planets exploded and the dogs were no more.


  38. Hey if you dont mind asking typical gamer when you gonna start state decay 2 again

  39. when are you GOING TO DO CREW 2 AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I got fortnite now 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  41. Plz do real life mod

  42. I love TG I have been watching him for 3 years

    1. Typical gamer here with ur daily YouTube livestreams and more and today for u guys

  43. Lol thiefs stealing all da kills

  44. I sware I covered tilted in playgrounds

    1. me and 2 of my friends covered all of divot in playground

  45. Play how to train your Dragon

  46. TG. The FOREST. Been waiting weeks. Still.

  47. The shield is here now

  48. I’m getting red knight and the female omega (can someone tell me the name of her)

  49. Can you give me an shout rickey3

  50. Like if this is the best squad in fortnite!

    1. Cyber Warrior nah its the flaming flamingos

    2. The best squad in fortnite is ninja, myth, tfue and dakotaz

  51. Is it me or did tg just get soo much better

  52. Red knight is not new


  54. More playgrounds

  55. I was here earlier but chat was not allowed

  56. The red knight is not new it came out at the midle of season 2 and stayed for 1 day

  57. I'm mad they added red knight back😡

    1. Captain tbone Robideau wake up get over it

  58. My bday is today

  59. I have to wake up at 6am for the tournament on a Saturday 😢

  60. What happend to GTA 5? You ain't Denis when he played minecraft and switched to roblox.

  61. Batman the enime within

  62. your awesome TG😎😎😎😎

  63. You will never win a tournament if ninja is in it

  64. Ark extinction is coming out soon pls play

  65. Is thus the tournament or what because they are acting like it is

  66. Ninja tg tfue and myth…bro! Makes me excited when I think what will happen!

  67. They've already added The Shield

  68. Too much Fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Red knight GarishFaun44781

  70. Bruh I remember tg would never stream for over 2 hours now he be streaming for 5!

  71. TG and nick Eh 30 should lvl

  72. Play crew 2 like if you agree

  73. Play state of decay 2 like if you agree

  74. Love you typical gamer

  75. Hi tg I am playing on phone

  76. Todays my birthday plzz give me 1 subscribe


  78. Yes finally he hates the pump like me btw the hevey is the best

  79. Criterion is obviously supposed to be deasthstroke

  80. Why don't you play with hike?

  81. Please do a state of decay 2 video

    1. Please i am sick of fortnite

  82. Where is house flipper

  83. Please talk about my friend Ethan in all you're videos

  84. TG do you think that epic will bring a challenge for the people who didn’t reach leave 80 for the max omega skin

  85. Tipple cup gamer you suck

  86. Iv been a sub sins you had 500,000k and I think you should stop playing 5hours of fortnite its getting boring play something else

  87. Who lagit watched this from start to end

  88. hey tg are you gonna do the indapendance day dlc for GTA v

  89. You should play overwatch

  90. If u click on my picture there will be a name called faze gaming plz sub to him

  91. Red night is not new

  92. Do a boyfriend vs girlfriend in gta or playground

  93. What happen to zombie apocalypse mod 🙁

  94. Really, Fortnite!!! Play some other games dude.

  95. Do a live stream on gta 5 real life mod with Michael

  96. Still dabbing oh dear we have a problem

  97. Friday the 13th and minecraft

  98. Tg I am not growing to watch any more of your videos because you are not playing gta 5 by

    1. ADA Rodriguez by felisha

    2. ADA Rodriguez same all he plays is fortnite

  99. If you play gta 5 I will tell my 59 friends to put a like on the next gta video if you do one

  100. To your a savage and I know how to rate u because my last name is savage nj

  101. isit lit or what and i am geting merch to day i 4 allready

  102. your my favorite youtube gamer are you going to play crew 2

  103. Ty can you play jaracck world like samara did

  104. Dedrick is good for you to call his phone at his phone his phone 4

  105. Thief’s is good

  106. Can't wait for the tourney…yall gotta get the wins

  107. Was looking at criterion and bought her on accident and was waiting for Oblivion (Don't worry I bought the red knight) but now that I'm thinking about it because everyone is waiting for Oblivion and not buying criterion that it might become rare

  108. If you win I’m happy for you

  109. Please please please please please please play ark

  110. Season 5 starts next Thursday 😙😎

  111. I really want red knight my user name is LittleCupcakeYT_ if u want to trade

  112. How many adds do you got lol

  113. Ads Galore, Also, No Skins Are Going To Be OG Now, Because They're Going To Release Them Again, But I'm Sure Fortnite Will Die And End It's Sad Life

  114. if yes my username is masterxx2

  115. please respond if u can

  116. You are the best

  117. He is my son biggest fan😎😎

    1. Dobre cars are rent and I can prov it and you doodoo on a wall before so ha


  119. You mist a golden sniper rifle in salty springs game two gg guys

  120. How Mandy ADs???

  121. I got killed during this stream

  122. What outfit do you think is beta’’

    1. And do you like about it

  123. And what. do you like about it

  124. y do they call ppl bots?what does that mean?

  125. What you are the best fortnite player

  126. skin i want: Criterion

    my ign: ZanesPlayinaGame

    How are yq

  128. Dude red knight is not new

  129. Do more squads please

  130. Love you tg and please play more Minecraft

  131. i was a og rednight😪

  132. your my 2nd favorite youtuber

  133. Can you please please accept to my friend request COOLKILLERDA2 YOU PROBABLY WON’T SEE THIS

  134. can you check out axeman2686

  135. I always watch tg he’s the best

  136. Do you have skull tropper

  137. It’s back again 🙁

  138. You should’ve used the og red knights axe

  139. I mite be getting the red knight or the shogun first one to come out on the item shop I hope red knight comes out first 😎😁😅

  140. Yes I was looking for this video Tg your a beast in play grounds

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