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EPIC 14 WIN STREAK IN SOLOS!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

EPIC 14 WIN STREAK IN SOLOS!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

New Fortnite Battle Royale update gameplay! Fortnite live with Typical Gamer!
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480 thoughts on “EPIC 14 WIN STREAK IN SOLOS!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. Do more scary movie mods

  2. I love this lifestream

  3. Hey can u do another video of u playing gta 5 and do some kind of mod

    1. Damon Wrestling World HD Stfu, stop begging for subs.

    2. Damon Wrestling World HD nobody will

  4. Hello TG are you going to do. Red Knight stream tmr

  5. Ur vids are awesome I watch them all the time the gta and fortnite it’s just awesome

  6. How good do u consider ur self 1/10

  7. Everytime I join the stream Andre slayin.

  8. I love typical gamer

    1. amir delapena who doesn’t? He my fav ytuber

  9. U should 1v1 subscribe

  10. Always a pleasure to watch you man. Keep up the awesome vids. Big fan

  11. You’re the boss

  12. I like I or videos DR so cool

  13. I was around when you had 3mill

  14. Show us you're stats don't look at my name my brother changed it and you're the best btw

  15. You are the best gamer 🎮🎮🎮💰💰💰😎😎😎

  16. You’re great at fortnight

  17. I’m quitting fortnite. It’s just not for me. Too much bs with death and gameplay. Do 6-61 damage with any shotgun, but get 1-2 pump by other console players. Layering people but still kill me. Only have 25 or 27 wins in total( 1 solo, 3 duos, and 23-24 squads). I play so many hours and can’t deal with it or get dubs. Any comments to tell me why I shouldn’t or should but I’m done.

    1. 6 wins but I won’t quit

    2. Stop complaining buddy just cause you suck we don’t care

    3. To those who are stating I’m complaining or saying I’m trash, I’m not either or. I’m just voicing the opinion of everyone that plays the game and deal with the randomness of the game. I’m not bad at the game, I learned most of the randomness to deal with it. I just get very passionate with video games that I like. Thank you for everyone comments tho!!

    4. I don’t have any wins🤷🏽‍♂️

  18. Best player in the werld from Jr

  19. Yet can I get a shout out and I would love to play Minecraft on xbox1

  20. I am just curious to know what hardware and/or software that you use to stream? Your vids are SO clear. TY ^_^

  21. Your the best gamer

    1. I used to u on gta cops mod was my favorite

  22. 14 my favorite number 1️⃣4️⃣

    1. TJ Thompson do u know what happened

    1. his stream crashed and his ping in game was 1000

  23. RIP Win streak

  24. Rip 14 game streak

    1. it couldnt handle the heat of the 14 streak

  25. rip the streak 🙁

  26. 14 WIN STREAK GG!!!

  27. Can someone explain to me what the frick just happened

  28. Tg gta 5 zombies mod please

  29. What happened at the end

  30. Is he going to start up a new live stream or end it off also do any of you guys know what samara said

    1. yo boi James samara said like somebody got his up or something bro I feel so bad for him

  31. Bro it was buffering I didn't even see if he won

  32. I remember when you would do gta on ps3 with hike mickey team epiphamy and all of them

  33. What the hell happened

  34. Would like to see The Forest back again, House Flipper, and GTA 5 mod showing.
    miss all that!
    please return those games.
    You have not played them in weeks and a month.

    1. Happy Savage it won't return it's all fortnite now ruling among our favorite you tubers almost every single ytber has started this trend

    2. I miss the other games too, but they got to do what gets the most views and what they enjoy most. Right now fortnite is the craze so we all got to bare with it until it fades out

    3. He said he was so busy this month thats why he is not streaming that often

  35. I ❤️ you’re videos

  36. Was an epic stream, keep it up.

  37. What happened to his win streak

  38. Did you check the new emote?

  39. Hello Mr tg my og obese Mr clean

  40. Do u have twitch if so can replie and tell me

  41. Wtf happened to the vid

  42. I love your flogs

  43. Nice job dude your the best at Fortnite

  44. You should duo with myth or thicc daddy daequan

  45. Hi I'm going on vacation on Sunday hi

  46. He lost check tracker network

  47. What’s ur sensitivity on

  48. There’s also one at lonely lodge

  49. Samara probably unplugged the stream so TG would give her attention

  50. Love you TG my best YouTuber

  51. You are so good

  52. HAPPY 4TH of July 💣🎆🎉

  53. What's your favourite 4th of July skin.

  54. All the time I game play ground in be buy my own

  55. Y r u still awake wait y am i still awake where i am it's 3am

  56. Hi tg I LIKE your vids keep it up

  57. Greenn tac on gas station

  58. Hey tg you should try and play a game with h20delirious i would love that it would be the best

  59. Congratulations to ur brother

  60. TV I'm sorry but I'm getting tired of watching fortnite everyday please do something else

  61. What happened in the end can anyone explain

  62. When are you going to do more crew 2 and house flippers

  63. i think the starting of the video is at the end

  64. I got 24 kills in my first game today

  65. Can you play more of the forest

  66. When are you going to do the forest

  67. I dont like ur set up a lil bit

  68. Is it just me or all of us just realize that TG is getting more boring cuz all he did is Fortnite

    1. James Junior ikr

    2. He was my favorite

    3. Loved the times he uploaded like 2 mod livestreams a day

  69. I have the fireworks team leader

  70. That trap win was lit the first one 🔥

  71. Goodbye Tomato Town You will be missed

  72. why does your vids keeps starting at a random point for me??

  73. I wanna see u and hike playing fortnite

  74. 1 word…..INSANE……

  75. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  76. Dude, your getting addicted to fortnight. Make some more GTA 5 videos.

  77. How much ad venanue did you make there is 20 ads

  78. He's playing fortnite all the time because he wants to get level 100 by the end of season stupid comments WATCH HIS LIVESTREAMS SO SUB

  79. Your button to edit is G gedit.😜

  80. Your the best sooty that a can't donat

  81. do a other gta 5 firefighter mod plz

  82. Wow nice Job TG i have no words for u welldone😘😘🙌

  83. Can u do the purge again

  84. What add was you’re favorite
    Mine was the 24th midroll

  85. Im not mad at tg for playing fortnite but i want gta to come back

    1. Gta is dead now they needa stop working on trash online updates and come out with GTA 6

    2. HYFR you are retarded just because some people stopped playing doesn’t mean it’s dead

    3. The Lone Wanderer ur brain dead thats exactly what it means first off nobody plays story mode anymore and pretty much evry one left for fortnite so who tf wants to play gta online when tha lobbys bareley have 10 people nowadays

    4. HYFR than why are almost all his gta 5 streams more than 1 million vieuws? He even uploaded a thanos mod with more than 1 mil vieuws like a month ago.
      So what dead?

    5. ilias faizi go look back kid those were years ago his latest GTA streams get like 280 k views while his fortnite streams get like 400k plus he said himself tht he doesnt enjoy playing gta anymore so y can't u respect tht

  86. We want GTA 5 apocalypse mode sison 2

  87. I love fortnight and you like a bro

  88. Play state of decay again

  89. Tg is the true ninja

  90. Play some different games you play always fortnite

  91. Does anyone know how to record party chat on xbox one with or without an el gato?

  92. Can you come to my house

  93. On playground re make salty

  94. Tg can u play no mans sky when NEXT comes out

  95. You should play fortnite with Hike!

  96. Anyone else see the chat at the beginning

  97. How many solo wins do you have

  98. I’ve been here since 500K subs

  99. I LOVE your Fortnite videos/livestreams! They are so fun and enjoyable to watch. Thank you!

  100. Play what you want and that's good

  101. What happened to the forest

  102. Will you or samara make an office tour of you setup?

  103. We both like revolver I have something that we like the same

  104. That’s why I like you as my favorites you tuber

  105. Not trying to be mean but you can't get board of the forest you played it once

  106. whys avery callin u bby hows samara gna feel abt that

  107. R u gonna stream any other game than Fortnite? If yes when?

  108. Play what ever you want

  109. Yeah do build battle

  110. bro did not fuking saw or seee fireworks

    1. bcuz ma bacm hurts so much and then seep the whole day in todaay and back still hurts

  111. you are the best youtuber keep it up but why do your videos have to be so long i can only watch like an 1 and a half hours of fortnite but not 4 hours

  112. Hey TG. I've been a sub for about a year now and enjoy your content so much! I just want to say that I understand your thoughts and feelings, and you should play what you enjoy! Quality content comes from seeing you enjoy what you're playing. I love Fortnite videos, and I also love Friday the 13th, House Flipper, and several other games you play. Keep up the good work and it's been awesome witnessing your growing following and success.

  113. Are you going to play COD Black ops 4

  114. Piat moer who youer daey

  115. yea fortnite is better

  116. your a noob at fortnight

  117. So many dam ads don’t be a sell out

  118. the record is about 40 .And yes that’s solo wins

  119. U play this game to much, like take a break my dude

  120. No one ever like my comment expect me 🙁

  121. Big a biggest base ever in footnote 👍😁❤️❤️❤️❤️

  122. Will you play sonic forces ps4

  123. Are you trying to get better at building not sayings your bad?

  124. When is another assassins creed syndicate

  125. Loving your fortnite streams

  126. What happend to the stream did he win or lose the last one mune cut of ?

  127. Gta v is having a new update

  128. On fortnite Friday if you verse ninja ask him if he wants to verse you in playgrounds

  129. Do you wanna have fun or subscribers ??

  130. Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Hate fortnite it old it cause me to un sub

  132. Insane win streak!! and also the stream stops mid 15th game

    1. Metallica 4 Life it was the 15 game

    2. T kailey oh yeah my bad lol

    3. He quit pump now😥

    4. Kgskimffdxggdeel!mmnkoh!l!no in phono common on I hi on him mind fare jmm

  133. Like for the return of the real life mod and zombie mod

  134. Will u pls bring back the forest. It is my favorite series and it is even better from u. Like so tg can see.

  135. You have done way more fortnite videos than gta

  136. Hey your my favorite YouTuber and your you really good at fortnite and do you think you can play for honor


  138. You play any game you like

  139. Is the patriotic bear worth getting?

  140. play gta because it is the most popular game with a lot less glitches,lag ect.
    real life mod and real life thug mod are the best.


  142. Lol the voice crack at the beginning

  143. Pause did he say damn

  144. Yea i dont understand why people say i hate this game play another one…. Like play the game you enjoy and we are fine with it

  145. Play more random games plz

  146. I love your streams and I think you are a great person. Do what ever you want to I don't care as long as you enjoy it. Keep it up. from your biggest fan that does not have any wins 🙁

  147. i care that TG enjoys wut he plays just as much as he care that we enjoy his content but there is a end to minecraft that is imposiblebto beat unless ur a god

    1. BeefyBodyJose who tf plays minecraft

    2. HYFR i dont play it i used to play when i was like 12

    3. HYFR but i barely ever played my brother was the one that was addicted

  148. I knew this was gonna be a good stream from the start

  149. You are amazing at Fortnite

  150. TG you should do a battlefield v series

  151. Looks like it’s turned into yet again another fortnite channel! Unsubscribe -.-

  152. Whre is TG and samara?..i'm waiting for new stream/upload from them..

  153. Congrats on the winning streak

  154. Just to let u know I spent the new year watching your stream

  155. When is there going to be season 2 of GTA Zombie apocalypse mod

    1. KelsoTheGamer it’s 4 hours long. It’s also free so🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. That’s about an ad every 12 minutes which isnt a lot compared to those 10 minute videos with 3 or 4 ads

    3. Fams gotta eat ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  156. Ended in middle of gameplay

  157. You should play ratty catty again

    1. Who liked my comment


  159. The revolvers actually doo doo

  160. Fortnite is fun and ur not fake you are the best YouTuber

  161. I want to watch all of the streams but the bell only says you will get all occasionally or you will get some of them that's why I don see lots of them live but others I do

  162. U can play whatever you want because any game you play is fun and I enjoy seeing you play

  163. Tg on one of your videos on a way out I woke up at 5 am to watch the end of you stream before I went to school

  164. Could you do a purge mod on GTA please

  165. I got a gaming pc

  166. So nobody peeped the messages between avxry and Andre in the beginning of the video 😂😂😂

  167. why does TG look strangely like Heath Hussar from Davids vlogs

  168. I don't care if you don't play it but I want to see you play more ark survival

  169. Keep up the good work tg

  170. Your a grown man play what u want I'm still gonna watch

  171. What time does the streak start at?

    1. Steven Loewenstein thanks bro

    2. From the beginning to the end of the stream, literally.

    3. Steven Loewenstein technically, we can say that he didn't died for 4 hours continuously….

    4. Ethan Does Things thanks dude

  172. When is your next live stream

  173. Play thomb raider please!!!!

  174. When are you going to do more house flipper????

  175. I watched the whole thing eating popcorn

  176. Hey fortnite is,my favorite game but I really enjoyed you playing finding bigfoot

  177. Plz play what you want

  178. Ark is soooooo many miles ahead of Fork knife. i mean fortnite…

    1. Nightwing Not boy wonder dude ark is dead they already did everything there is to do

    2. HYFR not really, Samara is not a gamer and is trash and tg doesn’t really know how to have fun and mess around

    3. The Lone Wanderer still nothing left to do in tha game and fortnite is way bettet

  179. Dead by daylight new update😱😱😱

  180. How much money do you need TG lol you have lots of ads btw the biggest sellout is Lazarbeam

  181. Did you forget about the GTA 5 Zombie Apocalypse mod?

  182. Dude you had the forest right in your hands but …

  183. Tg
    "Pretty okay" -2018

  184. Can you do more random games

  185. Hey TG hope you are doing alright. I am a big fan of yours and I have watched you since 2016 when you did GTA % mods. I just wanted to suggest to you if you can do random duos I think that it would be cool. But anyways have a great day.

  186. Did you know that pubg was released before fortnite

  187. yassssss hes going to play spiderman ps4 ive wanted to see that game for ages!

  188. TG i dont think you can really BEAT minecraft

  189. To won’t notice me

  190. Nice clutch my dude, I love watching your videos and I still remember the day when I commented on one of your videos "He did the dab!" and you actually replied. Keep up the good work! 😀

  191. You can play any game because you make great content with every game you play

  192. They should,make a hoverboard in fortnite that had limited time,like the jetpack

  193. Man i have been watching you for 3 years and i want to say that you are the best and i hope you will get 8 million subs soon!

  194. Best fortnite player TG the god

  195. 23 ads…. now you’re making a living

  196. do some more of state of decay 2 plz TG

  197. also when are you going to do another the crew 2!!!!!!!!

  198. I think you got ddosed to stop your win streak :c I bet you would have actually got 20

  199. my grandson vincent loves watching your videos and do a shout out

  200. Who remembers hike the gamer

    1. Click Bait im assuming that they had an argument or something. I mean why else would they not play together when they both play the same types of game

    2. He is amsho know but sometimes streams

    3. Omg those were the real days only the true supports remember the gta game play between those two

  201. also you said you have every skin since the beginning of the game but thats not true you didnt start playing till half way threw season three and you dont have skins from season 1 or 2

  202. Hey Typical Gambler I just want to say I love you more than fat kid's love cake and I love Fornite Battle Royale its number 2 of favourite games gta 5 is number 1

  203. Can you play PUBG

  204. The stream crashed its on twitter

  205. I'm a biggest fan if your YouTube and u make the best videos I ever seen and u should my more and plz give me a shout and again your my #1 YouTuber

  206. Can u do another episode of house flipper

  207. Plsss play more batman telltale games and the finale for zombie apocalypse

  208. Who else misses the stream team?

  209. I love your vids relaxing end to my day

  210. Not to rude but what else do yo do instead of playing games do you have a life

  211. You should try out gta Five M

  212. I’ve been watching you for 5 years

  213. Do u want to play duos tg

  214. hihihihihihihihihihihihihihih

  215. I have been watching you for a year😊

  216. wi Samaria not play with you

  217. Can you do more gta 5

  218. I’m happy if tg is happy best streamer ever beeen watching from oh days with the stream team with hike Garry and then love you bro

  219. Hi tg this is my 1st time subscribing i watched you for 2 years i love you and samara

  220. In playground rebuild tilted or dusty also hide and seek

  221. Play (state of decay 2)

  222. When you was here for the whole livestream and don’t care to watch the win streak again

  223. They should add a firewirk pick axe

  224. I want a shot out

  225. I did see it w t f

  226. Your the best and amazing win streak

  227. I am a noob at fortnite

  228. Great win streak but can you please do a v-buck giveaway soon

  229. Please play subnautica again

  230. Does your brother playI video games

    Does your brother play video games

  231. Can u get some v bucks please

  232. Can u get some v bucks please

  233. Like the video if you remember Gta real life mod

  234. Sit down be humble

  235. You good to me gamer fortnite

  236. Some insane kill streak keep up that good work on youtube!

  237. I ove how u play fornite

  238. I ove how u play fornite

  239. The when are u gonna play crew 2

  240. Hey whats up TG! I have been a big fan of you for like forever! You should build an epic fort in playground mode!

  241. I watched the whole thing

  242. Keep playing whatever I’ll watch it all

    1. Been watching since you and hike played gta on console

  243. Beast mode, 15 win streak 👀😎

  244. Do a GTA 5 trampling mod

  245. Hey typical gamer your one of my fav YouTubers can you do a stream of ark i love that game

    1. But honestly i love everything you do

  246. do more slime rancher

  247. Can you ride a rocket

  248. DO MORE GTA!!!!!!12!1!1!1!1!111!!

  249. Sup keep up good work my freind also do more bigfoot

  250. Good job on win streak 😎 also congratulations on your brothers wedding😝

  251. You do what makes you happy. I honestly feel like after youtubers get a ton of followers they only listen to the people, even if it makes them unhappy. You’re different, keep it that way. I kinda like you better than Avery, personality wise. I watch him first, then hopped over here. His attitude is just idk kinda cocky. Don’t get me wrong he is really good but he never blames himself when something goes wrong. You my friend acknowledge your mistakes. If you think of changing your way don’t. Don’t put a mask on like some youtubers do.

  252. add me on fortnite my on fortnite is brodyjones123

  253. TG you should play scrap mechanic

  254. Hey TG are you going to play Minecraft and subNautica and ark please read THIS comment TG your the best keep up the good work and your my favorite YouTuber

  255. Please just do 1 PUBG stream to see how you compare to fortnite

  256. You're the best YouTube or ever good job in that win

  257. Let’s play a game
    Boys keep the likes even
    Girls keep it odd

  258. Y so many mid-rolls

  259. Tg can you do different video like gta zombies series

  260. Got my 4th solo dub watching this stream. I started a month ago. Thnx for the advice

  261. the pump is better

  262. watch my new video its called catching a fortnite hacker

  263. When the new walking dead game comes out you should definitely do a gameplay of it.

  264. Thanks and I will always watch your streams no matter what it is

  265. Do not destroy the plant in the vase in fortnite or you will die I will come. It's clown time

  266. Hey Tyipicle Gamer Ive been watching yuor GTA V and I really want to see a Thanos Mod Against the Avengers

  267. i have 107 subs!

  268. I need vbux because I'm a noob

  269. I can't be the only one being annoyed by the Chilis ad

  270. I played with you me and you were teames

  271. Lol Do you Ever notice He talks to thiefs and every sentence and with baby, Bby, Or cutie Lol

  272. When Will you play jurrasic World evolución 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  273. Bro snapped off this stream 🤮🤮🤮🤠🤠🤠

  274. Would luv 2 c more save the world

  275. I flipin love your vids I love the skinz

  276. Plz do more playground plz plz plz

  277. You guys remember that ark game

  278. Hey tg why don’t you take the dual pistols

  279. i build like a sloth

  280. Please😖Help me to get the 90 subs😫🤙🏼

  281. U should become a twitch stremer




  285. GTA? GTA? TG PLAY GTA? i must see a new mod? how about a cool one like a street fighter mod

  286. use ryu and then ryu vs goku

  287. i woud give you a 10000000 likes any time but i will not sorry buti love it seeing you play games

  288. ryu vs goku thats one good fight

  289. You got 14 win streaks becuase you a salty dog

  290. Let the man play wherever he wants he's a YouTuber

  291. And also Andrea got your back

  292. Auntie G I got yours and Samara back

    1. I got yours and Samara back

    2. Does a gamer here too

  293. AMAZING!!! How do you do 14 wins in a row!?

  294. Ok, I don't like GTA mods, but can we point out that he has been feeling "burnt out" on them and yet never told anyone this for the MONTHS that he told ppl he would be getting back to it "soon…" It's his choice, but at the very least be honest with your watchers… smh

  295. Ya man you can play what ever you want don't listen to the haters I soupor you

  296. Ive watched every single one of tg’s videos 😂

  297. Did anyone see the purple ad with the old fortnite dude

  298. Ceep the good work up and play your favorite games

  299. Hey what's up TG keep up the hard work

  300. Can i play with you plz

  301. TG you should play more rainbow I recommend it but I mean it’s up to you really rainbow has gotten better with all these seasons and updates I think you should do a live stream about it

  302. New controller hype so happy

  303. You’re the best Fortnite player

  304. Yo I'm late a year or 2 late but great vid

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