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DINOSAUR THEME PARK!! (Jurassic World Evolution)

Jurassic World Evolution episode 1 with Typical Gamer!
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831 thoughts on “DINOSAUR THEME PARK!! (Jurassic World Evolution)

    1. GhostFace Mhm sup

  1. Can I have a shout out typical gamer

  2. Hi tg i love the vids

  3. You should do Saturday and Sunday tournament Saturday to $50,000 and Sunday $99,000 can you end the STREAMS late sometimes

    1. Umm he doesn’t do the tournaments and nobody would do those prizes

  4. Hi typical gamer you're the most bestest YouTuber in the world no one can beat you

  5. i lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. But do you like turtles

  6. i have been watching your video for 2 years

  7. When is batman telltale season 2 ep 6

    1. Bacon4life 31 5 and i want it too

  8. Hi tg I watch vids after live streams but this is my first live stream of yours

  9. Did you can I have a Shout out

    1. Lincoln McCarty you need to edit this comment bro

  10. Can I have a Shout out

  11. Can I have a Shout out

  12. TG keep up the live stream and I'll keep…uh what do I keep doing again… oh I'll keep watching your videos..

    1. DUED keep watching ma vids man

  13. Dang that guy got ate

  14. do more jurassic world evolution

    1. Metallica 4 Life hi matallica

    2. Cj Brown or best in slot

    3. read my mind man!
      Keep it going!
      Make a series out of it!
      Unlock more stuff!

  15. 80 k is nothing …for YOU TG

  16. The indorapter is 2.7 million as the base cost.

  17. Back in my day we ate Dino’s for breakfast

    1. Fred Flintstone?

    2. Back in my day breakfast didn't exist
      Beat that

    3. Back in the day we didn’t exist

    4. Back in my day it was night:)

  18. Do house flipper today

    1. I like turtles check out GreyStillPlays for that it’s awesome

    2. Do you like turtles

    3. Thanks lol and Absolutely XD

  19. Tg please do more videos of. Jurassic world

    1. Charlene Hurst TheGamingBeaver has a whole series and is more entertaining

  20. Please play the forest again,I loved it

    1. Well a few other people apparently agree (with my 10 yr old son). You're entitled to your opinion, but in case your own parental figure didn't teach you, allow me to: if you don't have anything nice to say (especially foul language or abbreviations for it) then keep it to yourself!

    2. Heather Haynes I am STILL waiting for Tg's and Samara's new home that got wrecked by that monsters when he threw that tree at it!
      And he said, on that same video, to wait for next time.
      And their has not been.
      So, I agree with you.
      There needs to be more of The Forest.
      That was series too and TG and Samara never got to unlock the new ending.
      Really disappointed n that.

    3. Happy Savage me too! It’s been awhile and they need to rebuild and go for it

  21. When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was ark and I was the happiest man alive, than I saw the title… but regardless it was a great stream

    1. Alexio Kristel he means more Ark

    2. You need to more ark

    3. Well this game is the best Dino game in the world

  22. I love dino even tho this game is very scientifically impossible to make

    1. JM watch TheGamingBeaver on this

  23. You're amazing TG and marry "samara"

    1. Amy Jo Eick yes he will soon!!

  24. plz play more of this game you can make more dinos

  25. Typical gamer your the best video games player

  26. Hi tg I know alot of people probably wont agree but can u play city skylines one day?? Like if u agree

    1. deadboy 172 check out DazGames

  27. IN 2013 you said bad words

    1. Latasha Blaylock only the OG Squad will remember those days, Those were the daysss

    2. He did but now he changed now that he plays with samara

    3. He would play with hike

    4. He's still super funny and entertaining nonetheless

  28. You are way too late for this. TheGamingBeaver did a whole series on this already. You don’t get my views for this but nice try. It’s extra sad that you have done this too late after doing so many fortnite videos. Your channel was best with Gta videos and WERE STILL WAITING FOR THE ZOMBIE MOD FINALE

  29. You should do a charity Livestream like jacksepticeye or markiplier

  30. TG season 4 is ending of fortnite

  31. Let’s see more of this

  32. First part is just like the movie

  33. Play j Jurassic world

  34. Your videos are sooooooo pro man we love you tp make more videos

  35. Play finding goat man you will like it. It is like finding Bigfoot but scary

  36. Yea they are going to die

  37. Can you do ARK!

  38. Piz tell me pizz😆

  39. Will you please do house flipper i really like it my fovorite tv channel is HGtv my mom is a house designer and I really like it so please more house flipper

  40. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. If only I could watch your stream I have the game

  42. Please play the forest again,I loved it

  43. Please play the forest again,I loved it

  44. Jurassic world evolution

  45. Yes Jurassic world can’t wait for more

  46. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. plss make more vid on jurassic world

  48. Hey TG wheres the episode 25 of Gta zombie apocalypse mod. Cant just leave that man

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  50. Thunder u should play dome

    1. He should also do more real life mod

  51. do the gta 5 hulk 2.0 mod it is amazing like if you agree

    1. Joe Wilson whats new

    2. Now you can hold people a d body slam them,there's an ability called atomic slam,you can pull people out of helicopters

  52. Hey TG tell Samara to play like a new kind of game

  53. More soon plzzzzzzzz

  54. Can you play more crew 2 tg and please make a series of this game

  55. Please do the Forest and House Flipper more.

    1. Brooke Zeller I agree

  56. Hi tg please now doremon or Mikey mouse mod


  58. It will kill them

  59. TG , can you do ARK again

  60. Back with another epic livestream

  61. The Return Of ARK?!
    Great Video, Let's See Some More Jurassic World Evolution

  62. Are u doing fortnite today

  63. Broooo you can name the dinos

  64. Wa ta heck dang that’s funny somehow

    1. Black Panther center wadu hack

  65. I love this game pls do more! 🙂🙂🙂

  66. You should play ark Ragnarok cause a lot of update

  67. Get the old school jeep by beating a speed record

  68. Please play the series

  69. Just to point out 👍 will always overpower 👎

  70. TG I found a coooool game called raft it looks fun.

  71. Play State of decay2 series

  72. More GTA mod and the forest

  73. Plz do a series on this

  74. Oh finally another game

  75. I was wondering if you could check it out

  76. please do the forest gameplay

  77. TG do more ark I love your videos

  78. Finally a stream that doesn't involve FORTNITE!

    1. JM Tolentino fortnite is lifw

    2. JM Tolentino your right

    3. Wiliie Ortiz do you mean trash not life lol

    4. Well its rumoured that a GTA ONLINE update will be released tomorrow so maybe tomorrow we can get what TGs Channel is based off YEET!

  79. Please do more of state of decay 2

  80. I'm So Happy That You Didn't Play Fortnite Right Now. I Think My Brain Gonna Tost Watching Fortnite

  81. The gamebewar is better than you

  82. Play ark like if you agree

  83. Finally! I got this game a couple of days ago and saw Samara had done videos. I hoped you would do some and you have so thanks!

  84. 2 seconds of silence

  85. Awesome graphics on this game

  86. You are awesome tg

  87. Press r to sell it was in the bottom right use your eyes what are ya doing

  88. I love ur streams I usually tune into live streams I'm sorry I didn't this one

  89. Pls do more of this but especially The Crew 2,
    I had so much fun watching you play The Crew 2 tbh

  90. State of decay too please

  91. do more of this game

  92. finally a game that isnt fornite

  93. Can you do more house flipper

  94. in morning i was watching jurasik world on tv

  95. Love you typical gamer

  96. when are you going to hunting rare exotic animals gta 5

  97. They're all girls, no dudes

  98. What happened to the forest

  99. Bro I suggest you play league of legends,and if u do play it ill watch every videos of it keep it up man 🙂

  100. Go to reasearch facility and go to fossils and that probably how to unlock the fosil thats not on the map

  101. Its gonna be fun because samara is like "lets keep it calm and cool with herbivorous dinosaurs" But tg is like " Lets spice it up with herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs" No hate to samara she is cool in her own way.

  102. Do u know they removed purple scar from Fortnite?

  103. By the way, most dinosaurs are females so Fred is a girl instead of a boy

  104. Did you say hi fred when tg said say hi to fred

  105. Make a scere of the game

  106. Do another video on it

  107. This game is 🚽🚽🚽

  108. Its TG's fault that the triceratops died, he should have built a new enclosure

  109. Build some electric fence

  110. I see the movie yesterday it is so good

    1. Kristen Barrow same

  111. Do another Friday the 13th

  112. Hi tg good stream but I though that it was ark and I was so happy but can you play ark or the crew 2 plz

  113. You can change the dinosaurs name if you click on them and at the top it will say a couple of letters and numbers but you can change it

  114. I wanna sell you😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  115. Hey Andre I got some fire merch and it's amazing!!!!

  116. You can use replace path to place path

  117. Plz do more videos on it

  118. i watched jurassic world fallen kingdom

  119. tes yes thank you tg for taking 1 brake on fortnite at least i can watch you again thank you so much

  120. Add a electric fence

  121. State of decay 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  122. nooooooooooooooooo they'll be thirsty

  123. name the ceratosaurus big boi

  124. Yess i wait you play this game!! 😁 Tg you are the best💪👌

  125. Love you tg ten things have been getting in my way it is midnight keep it up

  126. what's uppppp !!!!! nice vidz 😉

  127. wheres the state of decay seriess 🙁 🙁


  129. if they world of made Jurassic world just plant eating dinos then maybe it would of worked out in the end even though it my not be as coo as t-Rex or raptors but no one would of died

  130. Play house flipper and pls bring back subnautica and slime rancher.

  131. Complete the while game !!!!

  132. Fence in the creation lab release area, then use your ACU team to relocate them with the Helicopter.

  133. In the thumbnail he looks exactly like the guy from Now you see me 2

  134. Its a long time ago i watch you but stil love you

  135. Awesome stream! Can I recommend building another 1 or 2 shelters at different parts of the park so people are closer to one you can open and close them at the same time. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  136. Where is The Forest ? I thought you said you were gonna play through the game again

  137. Can I be a moderater

  138. What do play these games on

  139. Do real life mod

  140. whats your favrite dino tg my favorite is the king.

  141. Ur soooo dumb u should have tranked him way earlyer

  142. Wow I’m proud of you for playing something else

  143. If you go swimming and watch TG it's better

  144. State of decay please like my comment so that can see this please 😢😢😢😢😢

  145. When are you doing state of decay 2?

  146. No way, no way, no way, you made my day!

  147. Bro awesome series can you make more

  148. hey tg can u play more jurassic world evolution

  149. More D park also more of the house game

  150. I have watched so manny YouTubers play this now my favorite one is😀😀

  151. Do more Jurassic World Evolution

  152. When is gta gonna come back

  153. The forest you have not done it in like a month

  154. Play ark new map when it come out

  155. Forget about fortnite, gta v and ark, play this game forever. 🙂

  156. Have you seen jurassic world fallen kingdom?

  157. you look alot like Jesse Eisenberg on your thumbnail

  158. Hash the indominus rex and the indoraptor

  159. House flipper plzzzz

  160. Can you play the crew 2 with Samara


    1. To many houses got flipped

  162. GTA 5 zombies mod please

  163. Here when you were live but nice livestream

  164. Typical Gamer is the type of person who rages when his mom doesn’t cook his hot pocket long enough.

  165. Please play more crew 2

  166. U gotta do more bruh

  167. TG is it only male danos in this game

  168. Plz do more ark rg

  169. What about ark or uno I will not unsubscribe if you play uno every time you play steam it

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  174. Do more of this game


  176. Could you do a series of Jurassic world evolution

  177. Yes do more streams on this game

  178. Watch gaming bever and learn

  179. Tg pls continue to play this game

  180. Your Jurassic World is Amazing

  181. I thought this game was stupid at first now I'm liking it

  182. This game is sooooo cool. And your OCD makes it even better. Please, oh please play this game more. And dont forget House Flipper. 😉

  183. Where is the Forest

  184. Theirs no such thing as too much money!😌

  185. You shuda put won of those things that the dinisors come out of in were the herbavars are at so wen you want a herbabor put it in the harbabor thing

  186. Do MORE Please!!!!!!!!

  187. keep doing what u love. Ur a great person


  189. Tg you also play this dinosaur game on steam called the isle

  190. Ark or real life mod

  191. Jurassic world is a good game tg like you tg your the best tg

  192. Does anyone think tg looks like lex Luthor from Superman vs Batman just with facial hair and a haircut???

  193. Can u bring back gta 5 mods and can u play gta 5 with the stream team again like if u agree

  194. Do More!!!!!???!!!!???!!!

  195. Its so funny and painful to watch him playing this


    1. Do more spelling corrections

  197. I Fudging HATE the people in the comments… "FORTNITE,FORTNITE, FORTNITE", we get it you want fortnite, but you have well over 200 videos to go and watch already. But what about all of Tg's loyal fans that are waiting every minute of their lives for a new Gta 5 video to come out, or maybe the forest… But everyone who keeps spamming fortnite in the comments, you'll get it!!! EVERY DAY!!! But what happens if we say "why not Gta 5, or Forest, or Ark…" NOTHING!!! HONESTLY AT THIS POINT I'M JUST GLAD TO SEE THIS COME UP

  198. did you know that you could get the indominus rex and the indoraptor

  199. Rip Fred and not fred

  200. its so much better than fortnight keep playing its the best

  201. Put a bunch of carnivores in one enclosure and have a Dino-Battle Royale.

    1. Kentaro Honjo gaming beaver already did that

  202. Love you tg and please play more Minecraft

  203. Right when you had confidence in the trike he got shredded lol

  204. Love this game. 😀💥

  205. Can you plzz play this game today


  207. Do moreeeee of thiss

  208. TG you need to separate pens for carnivores and herbivores so they won't kill each other and put feeders out as well

  209. Build more incubators in the other pen so you can do either herbivores or carnivores and that pen only and soon you need more power so you have to build more power stations with power lines as well

  210. Tg I watched samara play this and I've seen the worst that can happen and do not mix dinosaurs that eat different things and make sure there's no wholes in the fences I've seen things that cant be unseen

  211. TG question do both Fred’s and non Fred know they have different Daddies? 🤣 Do We need to call Maury?

  212. Do more Jurassic world Evolution please

  213. You can drive the car

  214. Love the stream more..the best..

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  216. Guys LIKEthe video so he could make MORE JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION

  217. Why not have one huge environment where you put both meat and grass eaters dinosaurs in one encloser like in the wild. With a lot of trees and half the map size

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  221. Battet then samara

  222. You I love your thumbnail. Lmao

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  224. Make a spino it is the one from Jurassic park 3

  225. Make this game a series like samara

  226. The innovation center is from Jurassic world

  227. The innovation center is from Jurassic world

  228. I don't have this game but are you playing computer cuz I have a computer and a Xbox One

  229. The name for the triceratops should be trigamer

  230. Do more please keep up the great work

  231. This will probably be the only ever video Typical Gamer will do on this game.
    This would be enjoyable to watch if Typical Gamer plays it..

  232. Play Jurassic World evolution again

  233. Was so cool please do more

  234. No offense but why did he look at the camera before he said whats up everybody

  235. No offense but why did he look at the camera before he said whats up everybody

  236. I hope he realizes next episode that he needs to flatten out a lot of the terrain

  237. I’ve been with TG since the beginning! Remember Red Dead redemption TG?

  238. tg cant see the instruction on the left buttom

  239. When the dino ate the goat he said ," turn away'KIDS'"!?😁

  240. Get it, kids!

  241. That sucked, didn't it

  242. Plz play more of this game in the future☺

  243. The more dinosaurs the better. Don’t sell them lol unless they say population is to high

  244. More Jurassic world evolution!!!

  245. Nice work on the park but don't put spinosaurus and a T rex together because they Will fight each other

  246. There are also new descovered species of dinos like the indoraptor and idomis rex cool right

  247. Would like to see a series of this video game, Jurassic World Evolution!
    And TG, while you are at it, could you bring back GTA 5 mods(especially the Thanos mod when you said that you were going to get to make series out of it and never did.
    Still waiting on The Forest, where you and Samara's house, got destroyed by that monster that threw that tree at the stilts and destroyed it.
    And you said, on that same video to wait for the next video to come up, so you can unlock the new ending that you were planning to unlock with Samara.
    I miss the Thanos mod, for GTA 5 that you were planning to make a series out of, but you never got to that either.
    Of course I like Fortnite as well!
    But please, as suggestions for you TG, please get back into GTA 5 modding, House Flipper, and The Forest as well.
    It would be nice, as a suggestion for you in the future.
    Thank you TG!
    From a bit a big fan of yours,
    Happy Savage

  248. Your the best YouTuber

  249. TG just read at fence… put replace on

  250. dam ,cut a few of the ads out.

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  252. Do more for advice watch gaming beaver if you can please do a collaboration with gaming beaver

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  255. I finally got ark which map do u think i should get

  256. I would put them in the same cage as fred

  257. Next thing you know the dig team is going to crash into the mountain

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  261. Love your videos man😍

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  269. I thought this was a hat video

  270. do more jurassic world

  271. Andre when you place paths and gates there is a button called replace under it and if you select it you will replace the current path or fence with the one you have selected no need to delete them!


  273. Make the indoraptor

  274. Keep up the good work man and can you plz do more of this

  275. More of this game please

  276. The edmontosaurous was discovered in Edmonton Alberta which is where I’m from

  277. Can you play the zomdie game

  278. Your playing like a boss

  279. Rip Fred and not Fred and plz do more Jurassic Park Evolution

  280. Keep playing this 🎮

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  282. RIP Fred and not Fred

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  287. Doug should be name becky

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  289. You should have built a Vince from one site to the other to Trans port your dino to the her never side

  290. If you go to the research lab and go to the Geno you go to the bottom two and you will find a indoraptor and the indominans rex to

  291. Beast in the world!!!!

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  304. One of my new favorite games now 😂

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  306. The one thing I don't like about it is that he shoved all of his herbivores in one enclosure make more enclosures

  307. foolllllllllllllllllllll

  308. I think ms KAJAL DUA is INDIAN cuz KAJAL is an Indian name

  309. is it just me or TG reminds me of MONROE on the tv show called GRIMM?

  310. Play horizon zero dawn the frozen wilds

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  316. R.I.P fred now LOL

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  319. You can do sites over

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  324. In the add for cm launcher I just saw the guy advertising it was so bad at acting.

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  327. I wanna see MOOOOOOOORRRREEEE!

  328. Name some of the Dinosaurs after the Dinobots from Transformers.

  329. Next episode get electric fences like if you agree

  330. Hey TG I love ur videos and I would love to say ur my main role model and please make more jurassic world videos . Tell samerra I say hey

  331. Make a battle stadium

  332. Use the helicopter

  333. I cant get the game yet so in the mean time I am building a zoo on the Center map on ARK.

  334. have to do more of this

  335. I remember the good old days when tg did state of decay 2

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  339. What if dinosaurs evolved into chicken and t rex looked like a giant chicken.

  340. R.I.P Not Fred and Fred u will be remembered

  341. Stayfrosty is what JackFrostMiner says

  342. Fred the 3rd should not be Fred the 3rd because there is no second Fred. There is Fred and Not Fred but not Fred is not named fred.

  343. Rip Fred and not fred

  344. Tg i have been watch you for 6 years

  345. Are you tuber I’m a good YouTube or I am I’m a best you tubers of you with you and your girlfriends is so cool

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  353. R.I.P. Not Fred… He wasn't anything like Fred…

  354. Your 1 of my favorite youtubers and can you call me kody

  355. You forgot to name the other ceratouras

  356. Do more videos of this

  357. if you don't give the dinosaurs in the food and then if there's other dinosaurs the dino soars will probably end up eating each other

  358. Do experimental sandbox

    1. My name is troll in experimental sandboox

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  360. i mean this game is interesing

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  366. The part that the goat dyes is cool😍

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  369. get electric fences, retard holy so dumb

    1. he's not a retard you try to be a 7mill sub youtuber

  370. You don't have to be exra

  371. This is soooo annoying….but I guess everyone is annoying when they first start a game.

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