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Boyfriend vs girlfriend in UNO Mobile with Typical Gamer and Samara Redway! Sponsored by UNO!™ – official UNO mobile game by Mattel163.
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341 thoughts on “BOYFRIEND vs GIRLFRIEND!! (UNO Mobile)

    1. Hamburgerthunder qWhat are you talking about Willis

    2. Dr. Jacob Squish SUCC

  1. Tg can you play the surge

  2. TG are you going to finish the GTA zombie apocalypse mode

  3. i wish i subbed to you you vids.

  4. Is the real life mods done

  5. Hi my name is Richard mayo

  6. Hi my name is Richard

  7. 💵💵💵💵💵

  8. Hi my name is Richard

  9. Hi my name is Richard

  10. Man they suck at uno they need some practice because they always lose

  11. They have the gold badges …i think we messed up..

  12. I just started waching

  13. I love your live streams man keep up the good work!!!

  14. This wass it broo!!!

  15. Hey tg do a new gta v purge mod episode for the new movie

  16. Will u play GTA 5 plz I miss u playing it u we're great at it

  17. Can you do more crew 2 plz

    1. Johnny Rodriguez wtf is that

  18. yo what up my boyy your the best youtuber i ever seen your the best

  19. It says it not available in country

  20. Can you continue the real life mod ep 56 to 110 pls love tg

  21. I joined samara stream

  22. Surprised notbi GS hurt on her or still GI g or she aint I'll or is it just cause its uno

  23. Who is your partner for tomorrow TG ?

  24. What is the name of this game

  25. WTF this is asome

  26. Play more ark please

  27. I played uno with cards alot or I used to

  28. Tf TG never played uno lol

  29. New skin in fortnite and dance

  30. 😂😂😂😂 The intro was kinda intense for uno "And today for u guys i got… Uno"

    1. Lol that is true

    2. i dont like the uno online games tho i love playin in real life

    3. BeefyBodyJose birch

    4. BeefyBodyJose dffgh

  31. TG a new outfit have came out on FORTNITE

  32. It is the Criterion

  33. hey can you get gta 6

  34. Love it!! Never stop doing amazing videos

  35. Go live red knight is out it is dope

  36. Yea I know Jacob I mean siriesly now he’s playing uno

    1. Alexwalton The wolf *seriously

  37. Infinite dab is here

  38. If one player win the teammate also wins so it doesn't matter if the other person used all of his cards or not

  39. TG you should finish arek scorthed earth

  40. I love your livestreams!💜 and when are you ganna play the forest again?

  41. What was he Texting??


  42. It's not available in my country

  43. Love the videos! I've been watching you since 3,000,000 subs and I am still going. Not to self promote too much, but I released a new episode for a GTA V Cinematic. I would really appreciate the support if you all could watch it! Have a great day.

    1. Locked in TimeGaming39 STFU!

  44. Why can’t you play with real cards why is everything on screens

    1. J .Smooth how would he record it

    2. TroytheGamerHD Try pod

    3. J .Smooth That would be stupid just enjoy the video

  45. The game is not available in the us

  46. Like I m at your front door s9 if you don't 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊🙊

  47. I love you and your family and friends😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🚔🚔

  48. Fluffy plus 4 to us Gf

  49. Practice with your partner for tomorrow.💪🙌

  50. Can't even play uno for 30 minutes without fooling around

  51. yeesh this was a weak live stream but they are having fun.

  52. This is why I quit playing uno


  54. Wait…….no fortnite!?!? But I love that cancerous game 😭

  55. Typical gamer way is better more understanding

  56. More fornite mobile please please please please please please please

  57. Dude when you have plus 4 and you also have the color card that is there and then you put the plus 4 and they challenge it you get 4 but if you put the card that the color you have then after you put plus 4 they challenge it then they get 6 cards. Jeez that took so long to explain

  58. Can you play more house flipper

  59. Im actually playing uno now

  60. Wp guys great live stream 👍

  61. Dude if yo have the color that it is and you use the draw four then they make you draw four because you could have played a card

  62. Can you and Samara pls play the new ark and also continue the forest please please please anyone else who wants more of these instead of fortnite pls hit that like button and maybe Andre could consider it 😉👍

  63. Pls play state of decay 2

  64. Play the UNO game on steam, it's very fun – paid tho

  65. If you think they have that color when they lay a plus four and you guess right they draw 4 not you

  66. This was surprisingly fun to watch tg👌

  67. Play so much more

  68. They really played for a whole hour and a half….

  69. Im a big fan I love your videos please play GTA the purg

  70. I am a big noob at fortnight i have 100 vbucks

  71. can you play a game called granny

  72. If tg dosnt get the infinite dab from fortnite?!!

  73. i've seen uno at its worse i was afraid they would break up by the end

  74. Hike the gamer back plz

  75. Yo tg can u make a series of real racing 3 torque burnout on ur phone

  76. More boyfriend vs. Girlfriend plz

  77. TG can you do a vs on GTA with spiderman and green goblin?

  78. I go in the app store to download Uno ☺..And then i see..this app is not available in your country 😣😥😢….

  79. A typical game where you are the best accomplish your dreams and I subscribed

  80. In the first game one of the robot had uno already then win it came back to them they put out a draw 4 so they won

  81. It said not available for my country

  82. Because you played god of war you should look at this very good animation from mightyracoon called kratos vs thor(marvels thor)

  83. man really an awesome game…. keep it going ..

  84. Play the crew 2 again, I love ur gameplay, and sorry but I don't have any money to stream tip

  85. I just downloaded the game and i won 4 games in a row havent lost a match yet😜

  86. Why is it an hour long video

  87. Do a challenge but on gta 5

  88. Please play more the forest, house flipper, gta cop mods and golf it. They’re my favorite!

  89. How have you not played uno “physical”

  90. That was the last card

  91. How in the hell do you play UNO for an hour and a half, I get bored with it just after 3 games.
    About 6 games is the max I have played continuously no matter how many people I could be playing with, I just simply get bored.

  92. Do a GTA 5 trampling mod

  93. You say GTA it's not going anywhere but you don't play it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on just play a mod I still like you but play like an new mod bro

  94. Samara has such a big mouth seh talks and talks and then gets destroyed my TG


  96. this is not available in India…

  97. you're my favorite youtuber

  98. Hey king dre play wwe


  100. When are you guys going to do more of the forest? TG you are my favourite youtuber

  101. No the skipping is if you put down a draw 2 and the person beside you doesn't have a draw 2 they get 2 cards but if they have a draw 2 they are able to put it down. The game automatically knows when the other person has a draw 2 or not. It keeps going until someone doesn't have a draw 2.


  103. Tg you have to play roblox

  104. This video is sponsored

  105. When will you play the forest??

  106. Click like on the video for more UNO this was really fun

  107. Hi dad I’ve been watching u since red dead☄️

  108. Finally a game other than fortnite

  109. Her voice makes me want to hurt myself. Good luck, TG.

    1. Jim Lewis me too I don't like samara

  110. I'm just like Samara i love Uno after the vid i played uno and won 6 times in a row NOT LYING 7th match loss still had fun though

  111. Plz more boyfriend vs girlfriend

  112. Sooo he live streamed an hour playing uno…ok😂💀👌🏾

  113. Finally something new

  114. I play uno since 2 years old not in phone or something I am playing so much and I am an expert when I play with my friends I smushe them and I hope one day I will play with you on the phone

  115. More uno and house flipper

  116. I’m in us and it didn’t work😢😢😢😥😭😭

  117. I still have Uno cards in good condition

  118. I don't think I ever been so triggered watching 2 people play UNO before

  119. Tbh this hurt my brain

  120. Samara is a fuzzing cheater

  121. This was one stupid honestly

  122. i stream on this channel

  123. +4 is worth 40 and change colour is 40 an+2 20

  124. Hay what about the zombie apocalypse season2 &3


  126. Hi tg pls play the crew 2 or ark and I can't download this game
    In south Africa

  127. It not able in my country

  128. Its 5am right now but it looks like it’s 2pm

  129. I wish this game was available in the USA.

  130. love you man work on nba 90 ovr

  131. So if the card down is green and you have a green in your deck you have to play the green, if you play +4 they then have to guess if you have green cards or not

  132. Do some more episodes and real life mod too


  134. Please play chkn it is like ark but it’s a little different

  135. samara vs andre uno wws li

  136. I have missed you tg my computer crashed so I could not watch you 🙁 for a long time!

  137. You my favorite Youtube in the world

  138. It's not available in India

  139. bruh I tried to download this game and it said that this game isn't in your country😂

  140. I used to plat with a lady it's the besttttt I always used to win

  141. When people argue over the rules in crazy 8s so they created uno

  142. I literly can't stand your voids there absolutely amazing

  143. sorry but you guys suck at uno

  144. dont listen to dos haters, it was hilllllarius

  145. I have no idea what this is

  146. Can you play State of Decay 2 again

  147. Go from 5000 to 100 coins real quick

  148. They got beat by some bots lol

  149. awesome live stream typical and can you live stream more Dead By Daylight please

  150. Did you know they are making a GTA 6

  151. play mlb the show 18

  152. The U.S sucks I can get because I’m in the U.S and I have 0.55$ so I can’t change store regions

  153. It's not available in South Africa

  154. It should be available for all countries i really want to play it

  155. play more random games

  156. Tg it isn't available in my country I'm devastated

  157. If there’s a yellow card in the middle and you play a draw 4 while having a yellow still in your hand they can make you draw 6 because you still had the color in the middle of the deck. You should only play a draw 4 if you DONT have the color that’s in the middle haha.

  158. samara tryed to cheat but she failed

  159. I love your videos and I subscribed and I actually

  160. tg it is not available in pakistan

  161. The reverse counts as 20

  162. The plus for challenge is when for example u have 1 yellow card and a plus four and when it comes to ur turn and u dont have the color that everyone is playing and u draw the draw four then the person recieving the draw four has to guess if u have the color being played or not. If u do have the color being played then u pick up 6 and if they guess that u do have that color and u dont , then they pick up 6 or they can choose to accept the 4 without challenging

  163. I already knew tg was gonna win the boyfriend vs girlfriend anyone else agree

  164. TG it doesn’t let me download Uno in the US, the Uno in the US AppStore is different from the one your playing.why?

  165. The forest please it’s been a month

  166. Ummm….., not available in America

  167. Is this what tg has become….. Oh well I'm staying

  168. This version of uno has stupid rules wow

  169. Could you cool off of the fortnite a little

  170. i love UNO but some people know why UNO is not a good game with 4 friends😂😂

  171. Download uno on pc it's better

  172. Samara got looks but she is very annoying

  173. They won the first game

  174. I can t install it it s not in my country

  175. On wich countries is this available?!!!

  176. Tg its not available in my country

  177. The game works in Australia

  178. 😇 😈💑💑💑💑💑💏💏💏💑👪💏💑💏👫👰💪👃💳💳💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💵💰💲💵💰💲💵💰💲💵💸💵💲

  179. The dam ads keep getting in my way of seeing his card …

  180. He live streamed over an hour of uno….

  181. Play fifa 18 plz i miss it

  182. Make it available in the U.S

  183. Typical gamer I love your YouTube video can you make more mincraft videos with samera

  184. The amount of times i get a skip in uno

  185. I was playing uno yesterday lol

  186. I love uno its the best

  187. More uno PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

  188. Can you please play ark survival evolved please I'm your biggest fan

  189. i play uno with my family it is a card game uno

  190. Man it in Canda:(not in the us

  191. tg plzzzzzz play mobile legends on mobile

  192. can you play uno with samara tomorow sunday

  193. Can you guys play uno with me I am a big fan of you guys

  194. I've been playing Uno since I was 6 and now I'm 9 now

  195. who was bored and checked this out in 2019?

  196. this version is more of a port of the switch version of uno

  197. I downloaded the game and I cannot even join 🙁 imma try on my PC!

  198. How do u get a custom profile pic on uno mobile?

  199. y'all could wacth each others streams then y'all will domnate

  200. I have the game UNO..we can play sometime…tho U prolly dont have it no more

  201. The game does not allow for only 2 players to play online which kind of suck if you want to play with your girlfriend alone with no bots

  202. Me : TG wana see a card truck ??

    TG : sure

    Me too

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